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AICON 3D Systems


TubeInspect P8—Prized Metrology!

Published: Thursday, November 13, 2014 - 16:54

(Aicon: Braunschweig, Germany) -- The new benchmark in tube and wire measurement wins gold. An expert jury at the CONTROL-TECH in Poland has awarded TubeInspect P8, Aicon’s optical 3D tube and wire measurement system, with the Gold Medal of the Kielce Trade Fairs. It represents a great success after a long development phase for the new benchmark in tube and wire measurement.

Even the launch of the new system was successful. One of the first companies that has started working with the TubeInspect P8 is IBP Instalfittings. IBP is an established international manufacturer and supplier of components and fittings to OEM businesses. The company produces copper tubes for different industries. Already IBP reports faster measurements, more accuracy, and better quality.

TubeInspect P8 was first introduced at the Tube & Wire in Düsseldorf, Germany in April 2014. It is the first model of the new TubeInspect P series. The system is equipped with the latest camera and LED illumination technology as well as a precise and stable glass reference. It is suitable for tubes and wires from 1 mm up to 125 mm in diameter and up to 1 m in length. The lateral doors allow for an overlapping repositioning section by section, which makes it possible to measure components with an end-to-end-length of up to 2 m.

Due to its compact size and the convenient functions, TubeInspect P8 can easily be transported to different sites for measuring.

TubeInspect P8 fulfills the highest requirements of accuracy and measurement speed. Combined with the software platform BendingStudio, the system offers various application-oriented functionalities. With its compact, state-of-the-art measuring system, AICON offers an affordable alternative to slower handheld measuring systems.


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AICON 3D Systems

AICON Americas is a wholly owned subsidiary of AICON 3D Systems, serving customers in North and South America. AICON 3D Systems GmbH is one of the world’s leading providers of optical 3D metrology. The company, founded in 1990, develops and supplies portable coordinate measuring machines for universal applications, as well as specialized optical measuring technology for vehicle testing, aerospace component analysis, and tube manufacturing. Since the acquisition of Breuckmann in August 2012, AICON’s portfolio also includes optical 3D measuring systems for contact-free surface measurement of objects. AICON’s reference list boasts renowned global automotive manufacturers and suppliers, companies from the aerospace industry, and the areas of shipbuilding, renewable energies, and mechanical engineering.