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Sokkia Corp.

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Product News: 3-D Station Has 0.5" Angle Accuracy, Submillimeter EDM

Superior telescope, perfectly aligned laser pointer, advanced user interface

Published: Friday, July 31, 2009 - 13:30

(Sokkia: Olathe, KS) -- Sokkia Corp. introduces the NET05X—a new manual 3-D station that provides unparalleled precision in a broad range of applications such as surveying, engineering, construction, and industrial 3-D measurement.

0.5" angle accuracy
The combination of market-proven absolute rotary encoders and advanced independent angle calibration system (IACS) provides the industry’s highest 0.5" angle accuracy.

Submillimeter electronic distance measurement (EDM)
Sokkia's cutting-edge distance measurement technology ensures unmatched comprehensive performance. With reflective sheet targets, NET05X provides submillimeter 0.5 mm + 1 ppm accuracy within the range of 200 m (650 ft). NET05X measures standard prisms with 0.8 mm + 1 ppm precision up to 3,500 m (11,480 ft), providing the industry’s highest accuracy at more than 1,000 m (3,200 ft).

Reflectorless measurement can be performed with 1 mm + 1 ppm precision to 100 m (320 ft) range. Measurement time is as fast as 2.4 seconds in fine mode.

Superior telescope
Besides the 2.5" high resolving power, the superior telescope provides unmatched brightness and sharpness.

Perfectly aligned laser pointer
The red laser pointer utilizes the EDM measuring beam and is therefore perfectly aligned with the telescope axis, and ideal for precise setting-out and alignment tasks indoor or underground conditions.

Target illumination
Prisms or sheet targets can be easily located in dim lighting conditions using the high-intensity white LED built into the telescope.

Advanced user-interface
NET05X incorporates Windows CE operating system with highly-visible touch screen display panels. The fully-illuminated keyboard allows easy operation in tunnels at night and in low-lighting conditions.

IP65 environmental protection
IP65 dust- and water-resistant body, the highest rate among the Windows incorporated total stations, stands up under dusty or wet conditions. A weatherproof multiport maintains IP65 protection even with a data cable or an external battery connected. 

Bluetooth wireless communication
Built-in Class 1 Bluetooth modem allows wireless communication with an external controller or PC to a range of 200 m (650 ft).

Wide variety of reflectors
SOKKIA’s full line of innovative reflectors maximizes measurement accuracy and efficiency. 


About The Author

Sokkia Corp. ’s default image

Sokkia Corp.

Sokkia Corp. is the United States subsidiary of Sokkia Co. Ltd., Tokyo, a world-leading manufacturer of precision measuring systems. Sokkia's diverse product line provides complete measurement solutions for surveying, mapping and GIS, industrial measurement, and construction applications. Sokkia Corp. markets total stations, data collectors, digital levels, and lasers and a full complement of field accessories through a nationwide distribution network.

For more information, visit www.sokkia.com.