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New River Kinematics


NRK Marks 20th Anniversary With Another Year of Strong Growth

Published: Tuesday, February 18, 2014 - 15:52

(New River Kinematics: Williamsburg, VA) -- New River Kinematics (NRK), producer of SpatialAnalyzer (SA), a leading portable metrology software, celebrates its 20th anniversary by announcing strong 2013 growth and new expansion of headquarter facilities.

Significant growth in sales of SpatialAnalyzer in the United States, Asia, and Europe fueled a 15-percent growth in orders for NRK in 2013. This marked the seventh consecutive year of double-digit growth for the company.

Reflective of this ongoing growth, NRK will be doubling its Williamsburg, Virginia, headquarters to 20,000 sq ft this year. Included in that is a significant expansion of the state-of-the-art lab space where the leading portable metrology instruments, as well as multiple robots, are interfaced with SpatialAnalyzer to enhance the company’s development of portable metrology and automation solutions.

“We are pleased with the continued growth of SpatialAnalyzer in both U.S. and international markets,” says NRK president Paul Collins. “The growing worldwide acceptance of SpatialAnalyzer as the leading portable metrology solution is very gratifying. We expect 2014 to be another strong year for NRK as demand increases for improved efficiencies in manufacturing settings around the world.”

NRK’s core software package, SpatialAnalyzer, is widely recognized as a leading portable metrology software package in a wide range of manufacturing settings, including aerospace, shipbuilding, automotive, and energy. SpatialAnalyzer is unique not only because it can be applied in both advanced and day-to-day measurement tasks, but also because it can interface with a limitless number of instruments. NRK partners with all of the major instrument manufacturers and continues to support an ever-growing number of portable metrology devices.

“While NRK has grown tremendously in recent years, we’ve always been committed to delivering high-quality solutions and supporting our end-users,” says NRK co-founder and chief technology officer, Joseph Calkins. “Since our founding in 1994, NRK has been customer-focused and easy to work with. It is our goal to continue with this culture as an integral part of our growth.”


About The Author

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New River Kinematics

New River Kinematics (NRK) is an engineering company focused on creating high quality software that provides comprehensive production solutions in a variety of industry settings (aerospace, shipbuilding, energy, and satellite).  We use our comprehensive toolkit of software components, custom software development skills, and engineering expertise to solve engineering problems quickly and efficiently.