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New River Kinematics


NRK Announces 2015 SA User Conference

Published: Thursday, November 13, 2014 - 17:08

(NRK: Williamsburg, VA) -- New River Kinematics (NRK), producer of SpatialAnalyzer (SA), announced it will host the 2015 SA User Conference at Kingsmill Resort & Conference Center on April 21–23, 2015 in Williamsburg, Virginia. The SA User Conference allows users and partners to take advantage of training and networking benefits, visit NRK's Headquarters and lab, and meet NRK's entire staff. Registration will open in early 2015.

The company completed a 16-city tour of SA user seminars across the United States earlier this year. The “SA is Coming to Your City” tour hosted well over 500 customers and partners around the nation. The 16-city tour provided SA users and instrument partners the opportunity for free training and networking with SA experts and fellow metrologists at convenient locations around the US. Each seminar allowed attendees to share best practices, provide feedback, and learn more about the latest capabilities of SpatialAnalyzer.

David O'Neal, VP of North America Sales commented, “We saw a tremendous turnout of SA users and instrument partners alike at cities across the US. It’s always great to host events that not only offer training and tips, but the opportunity for our users to provide us feedback on the software and how they’re using it on the job. Hosting user events is a win-win for everyone involved.”

NRK’s core software package, SpatialAnalyzer, is swiftly becoming the leading portable metrology software in manufacturing settings around the world. NRK continues to partner with all leading instrument manufacturers and SpatialAnalyzer has the ability to interface with a limitless number of different portable metrology instruments.

For more information, contact Jessica Ruff, NRK’s marketing communications director, at (757) 565-1500 or pr@kinematics.com.


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New River Kinematics

New River Kinematics (NRK) is an engineering company focused on creating high quality software that provides comprehensive production solutions in a variety of industry settings (aerospace, shipbuilding, energy, and satellite).  We use our comprehensive toolkit of software components, custom software development skills, and engineering expertise to solve engineering problems quickly and efficiently.