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New River Kinematics Has Record First Quarter

Published: Sunday, May 17, 2009 - 14:30

(New River Kinematics Inc.: Williamsburg, Virginia) -- New River Kinematics, producer of  SpatialAnalyzer (SA), increased its first quarter revenue 54 percent above first quarter 2008 revenues. This trend continues the company’s strong growth of recent years. The company’s annual revenues increased by 31 percent in 2007 and increased an additional 22 percent in 2008. Aerospace, shipbuilding, and new global markets were the areas of strongest growth, as accuracy and speed demands continue to be a priority.

NRK’s cornerstone product SpatialAnalyzer is widely recognized as the premiere portable metrology software solution. NRK partners with all the leading instrument manufacturers in portable metrology. SA interfaces with over 100 different measurement instruments, giving customers the opportunity to standardize on a single software platform. Language translation tools integrated within SA are one of the key reasons for the strong international license sales growth.

“SA enhancements like GD&T and measurement plan scripting are tools that speed up processes with a very high level of accuracy,” says Paul Collins, NRK’s chief operating officer. “What it means to our customers is getting the job done right… and faster. This ultimately results in significant cost savings.”

NRK will be exhibiting SA at CMSC in Louisville, Kentucky, July 20–24.


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