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New Geomagic Studio 10x Accelerates Creation of Intelligent, CAD-Ready Surfaces From 3-D Scan Data

Published: Wednesday, December 10, 2008 - 19:33

(Geomagic: Research Triangle Park, North Carolina) -- Geomagic announces a new version of Geomagic Studio software that adds powerful new surface manipulation capabilities to its award-winning Fashion module while improving performance for point- and polygon-processing tools. Geomagic Studio is the world’s leading software for creating accurate 3-D digital models from scan data of physical objects.

The Geomagic Fashion module in Geomagic Studio 10x automatically identifies, analyzes, and corrects imperfections in scan data to create high-quality geometric and free-form surfaces that can be further manipulated in CAD. This greatly reduces the time required to bring physical forms into the digital realm for mechanical design applications such as new design and reverse-engineering. Major new features and enhancements to Geomagic Fashion include:

  • Constrained surface-fitting capabilities for perfectly aligning surfaces and correcting imperfections in the as-built model or scan data

  • Automatic surface extension and trimming capabilities for creating perfectly sharp edges between neighboring surfaces, making edges and surfaces faster and easier to manipulate downstream in CAD

  • Advanced tools that enable users to exclude regions of a mesh that deviate from the desired surface classification, resulting in a more accurate representation of the digitized part. “Geomagic Fashion gets us from scanning to accurate CAD models in half the time of other software,” says Charles Evans, design analyst for Florida Turbine Services. “It's simple to use, and even with complex shapes and less-than-desirable point clouds, the accuracy is fantastic.”

  • Better polygon models. Geomagic Studio 10x also includes enhancements that improve performance and quality of point and polygon processing. An improved algorithm for registration helps users create more accurate point clouds from scan data, and a new decimation methodology produces smaller, yet still accurate, polygon models.

  • Front-end for Class A surfaces. Geomagic Studio 10x with Geomagic Fashion further speeds, automates, and simplifies the workflow of transforming scan data into a Class A surface model. Its capabilities make it an ideal complement to design tools such as Autodesk AliasStudio. “Geomagic Studio 10x with Geomagic Fashion streamlines what was previously a time-consuming and tedious process of moving from points to polygons to Class A surfaces,” says Karl Matthews, director of product management for Geomagic. “In conjunction with AliasStudio, it allows designers to bypass challenging modeling procedures and concentrate on the design process.”

Geomagic Studio 10x is available in three editions to suit the needs of mechanical design and medical/scientific markets:

  • Geomagic Studio–Fashion Edition is the premier product for mechanical design applications such as new design and reverse-engineering. It includes Geomagic Fashion for automatically extracting design intent from scanned physical objects, providing the fastest way to go from scanning to CAD-ready surfaces.

  • Geomagic Studio–Shape Edition is designed for medical and scientific applications where users want to create exact 3-D replicas of organic objects such as bones or historical artifacts. It includes the Geomagic Shape surfacing module for creating water-tight NURBS surfaces.

  • Geomagic Studio–Complete Edition is ideal for mechanical designers who want to extract design intent from existing objects and perform FEA and CFD analysis on as-built parts. This edition includes Geomagic Fashion for design work and Geomagic Shape for creating models of as-built parts.

Geomagic 10x will be available in early 2009. A complete listing of new functionality in Geomagic Studio 10x, descriptions of Geomagic products, and a feature comparison for the three different Studio editions can be found on the Geomagic web site at www.geomagic.com.

About Geomagic
Geomagic simplifies digital shape sampling and processing (DSSP) for more than 8,000 professionals in industries such as automotive, aerospace, medical devices, and consumer products. The company’s products and services are used to enable mass customization with the same efficiency and cost as mass production, improve dental care with individually designed devices, speed time-to-market for consumer products, automate inspection for better quality in dramatically less time, increase safety for NASA shuttle missions, and optimize design for everything from racing cars to blimps. Geomagic has headquarters in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, subsidiaries in Europe and Asia, and distributors worldwide.


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