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Metris Laser Radar Automates Accurate Inspection of Hole Features for Aerospace Applications

Published: Monday, February 16, 2009 - 08:44

(Metris: Leuven, Belgium) -- Metris (MTRS, Euronext Brussels) releases Laser Radar Driver 5.1 software to set new precision standards for automated, noncontact inspection of holes in large measuring volumes. Depending on hole diameter, Metris allows Laser Radar customers to reach accuracy and repeatability levels up to 30 times higher than before. Laser Radar’s innovative laser technology supports both automatic free-form surface measurement and feature detection/inspection without SMR or other targeting tools, inherently achieving higher inspection productivity.

Stricter quality requirements in aerospace industries increase the pressure on manufacturers and suppliers to further tighten feature tolerances. Correct positioning of features, such as riveting holes, is crucial in aircraft component assembly. With Laser Radar Driver 5.1, Metris optimized the capability of the system to inspect hole feature position and diameter in large-scale applications.

To increase operation flexibility, Laser Radar features manual and automatic modes for the inspection of hole features. In automatic mode, the operator selects the holes to be inspected on CAD, and the Laser Radar automatically moves from one hole to another to measure the holes at high speed. Compared to the traditional laser tracker inspection, which requires an operator to manually position an SMR reflector in each hole, Laser Radar hole inspection routines are entirely automatic. The time savings that are achieved are huge, in particular when measuring large composite parts with hundreds of riveting holes.

The software algorithm optimization increases the accuracy and speed of hole feature measurement by implementing an optimized data-collection strategy, more accurate filtering technology, and better feature fitting.

Using a 0–45° laser incident angle within an 8 meter (26 foot) radius, Laser Radar realizes repeatability of 25µm (0.001 inches) for holes with a diameter of 3.2 millimeters (0.125 inches). The new hole inspection algorithm proves its robustness by accurately capturing hole position and diameter up to a distance of 24 meters (78 feet). Customer benchmarks show that the same inspection performance gains can be achieved for sharp and chamfered holes drilled in aluminum, steel, and composite material.

About Metris

Metris (Euronext MTRS) designs, develops and markets a unique range of 3-D hardware and software inspection systems servicing design and manufacturing industries. The company’s reliable and innovative metrology solutions cover the full range of measurement volumes required by automotive and aerospace customers, in both fixed and portable configurations and with optical and/or touch sensors.

Metris Headquarters are based in Leuven, Belgium, with additional production and development centers in Belgium, the United Kingdom, Italy, the United States, China, India, and Bulgaria. Metris provides a worldwide network of sales and support offices located in Europe, Asia, and the United States.

More information on Metris can be found on www.us.metris.com.


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