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Assembly Guidance Systems Inc.


LASERGUIDE Enables Simultaneous Work on Wind-Turbine Blade Fabrication

Published: Wednesday, November 2, 2011 - 12:45

(Assembly Guidance: Chelmsford, MA) -- Assembly Guidance Systems Inc., a developer, manufacturer, and supplier of high-performance laser projection systems for manual manufacturing and quality monitoring, has delivered a 20-projector laser system for wind-turbine blade fabrication.

Following a recent installation of a 16-projector system for a fuselage application, Assembly Guidance has now delivered a 20-projector LASERGUIDE system for a wind turbine application. The LASERGUIDE system was selected following a year-long evaluation, where it has outperformed the competition in such areas as line visibility on challenging materials, and demonstrated capability of projectors and remote controls. As part of the evaluation, Assembly Guidance also provided customized solutions, superior support, and application development.

Supporting 20 LASERGUIDE projectors and eight remote controls with one computer, the system enables the customer to perform simultaneous work in different zones of a single turbine blade without having to synchronize computers or wait for completion of other activities. To accommodate the need of such a large integrated system, AGS enhanced several features, including LASERGUIDE’s multitasking, which reduces cycle time and operational costs, and facilitates lean manufacturing practices.

The system, the largest of its kind, is yet another example of AGS’s commitment to innovation and customer support. “We pride ourselves on delivering many firsts in our industry, and it is my pleasure to introduce to the world this biggest laser system which, despite its size, does not compromise on its flexibility or ease of use,” says Scott Blake, president of Assembly Guidance Systems Inc.

For more information, visit www.assemblyguide.com.


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Assembly Guidance Systems Inc.

Assembly Guidance Systems Inc. was founded in 1988 to develop, deliver, and support the use of lasers to display 3-D data in stand-alone and integrated systems to enhance manual productivity. Assembly Guidance has been a driving force in the evolution of high-performance laser projection systems for manual manufacturing and quality monitoring. Assembly Guidance has performed every major “first” in laser display for manufacturing.