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Laser Projection Technologies Inc.

Laser Projection Technologies Inc.’s default image


Laser Projection Technologies Makes Donation to Community College

Published: Thursday, February 18, 2016 - 18:51

(LPT: Rochester, NH) -- Laser Projection Technologies (LPT) is the leading manufacturer of advanced, 3D, laser templating and measurement projectors in the world. In the interest of giving back to the community, LPT is donating a LPT1 model laser projector to Great Bay Community College. The LPT laser projector will provide students with actual hands-on training on equipment used today in the industry.

“We look forward to working with the faculty, staff, and students at Great Bay Community College to bring them the knowledge and experience of the advanced laser projection technologies that are currently used in the aerospace and other advanced manufacturing industries around the world today,” comments Steve Kaufman, president and CEO of Laser Projection Technologies Inc.

Great Bay Community College is a quality higher-education provider that has recently opened the Advanced Technology & Academic Center with a certificate program in advanced composites manufacturing. LPT believes strongly in the importance of the next generation of highly skilled workers receiving job training on the best equipment available. In pursuit of this belief, LPT is happy to donate a projector for use in the center.

“The LPT donation of this laser projection system offers our students an opportunity to experience yet another high-tech solution they will see on the job. We appreciate the support from LPT, a company that is not only leading the way in laser projection systems, but is also recognizing the need for programs like the one Great Bay Community College offers in support of manufacturing. The opportunity to add laser placement to our curriculum would not be possible without the support of LPT. They have been tremendous supporters. In addition to providing the equipment, they have also provided installation and technical instruction for our faculty,” says Debra Mattson, Advanced Materials Manufacturing program director at Great Bay Community College.


About The Author

Laser Projection Technologies Inc.’s default image

Laser Projection Technologies Inc.

Laser Projection Technologies Inc. has been producing the world’s most advanced laser projectors in their Londonderry, NH facility since 2001. Their projectors are used world-wide in the manufacture of some of the most advanced aerospace technologies available today.