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Automated Precision Inc.


Exact Laser Measurements Honored by Valiant TMS

API division named ‘Top External Provider 2018’

Published: Thursday, November 7, 2019 - 20:22

(Exact Laser Measurements/Automated Precision Inc.: Plymouth, MI) -- Exact Laser Measurements Inc, has been named “Top External Provider 2018” by Valiant TMS in recognition of its metrology services support.

Based in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, Valiant TMS is a global company powered by people delivering intelligent automation solutions for the automotive, aerospace, and heavy industry sectors. The company provides integrated production systems including welding and joining systems, assembly systems, parts cleaning systems, material handling systems, and leak-testing equipment. Valiant TMS has 1,700 team members in 25 facilities in 14 countries, including Canada, the United States, Mexico, Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Romania, Russia, Spain, India, Brazil, and South Africa.

“We are honored as a team to have been recognized by Valiant TMS,” says Tim Pare, president of Exact Laser Measurements. “We continue to support Valiant TMS with laser tracker certifications of body-in-white and aerospace tooling. In addition, we supply part verification and new tooling certification and production equipment installation services at both Valiant TMS and customer facilities.”

“The continued support Exact Laser provides to Valiant TMS is paramount in providing world-class automation and tooling solutions to our end customers,” says Tony Colomba, supplier quality specialist at Valiant TMS.

Exact Laser Measurements is a division of Automated Precision Inc. and is a leading provider of portable metrology services to the North American automotive and aerospace sectors. Founded in 2003, Exact Laser Measurements provides laser tracker, portable arm, and point cloud generation metrology services. The company is renowned for its rapid deployment and knowledge base supporting “fast track” plant retooling projects.

For more information about Exact Laser Measurements, visit www.exactlaser.ca

For more information about Valiant TMS, visit www.valianttms.com


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Automated Precision Inc.

Founded in 1987 by Kam Lau, Automated Precision Inc. (API) is the inventor and original patent holder on the first laser tracker systems. API develops and manufactures laser trackers; portable coordinate measuring machines (CMMs); laser tracker accessories, which include probes, sensors, targets, cameras, SMRs, and scale bars; and machine tool calibration products. API Technical Services include contract measurement equipment rental, onsite laser tracker calibrations, machine tool error mapping, machine tool alignment, and training for 3-D measurement systems and analysis software. With its world headquarters in Rockville, Maryland, API also has offices in China, Germany, and India.