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Creaform Inc.


Creaform Inaugurates European Automated Quality-Control Demonstration Center in Germany, Featuring Cube-R CMM

Published: Thursday, December 13, 2018 - 12:21

(Creaform: Levis, Canada) -- Creaform, a worldwide leader in portable and automated 3D measurement solutions, inaugurated its new European demonstration and benchmark center for its 3D scanning coordinate measurement machine (CMM), the CUBE-R. Offered as an off-the-shelf, fully integrated automated inspection solution, the measurement cell helps ensure quality through the detection of assembly issues early in the manufacturing process. The CUBE-R is primarily used in the automotive industry as an alternative to CMMs for sheet metal, casting, and composite inspection.

The new demonstration center will operate within the company’s Stuttgart office. With its central location in Europe and its proximity to major automotive leaders, the Baden-Württemberg region constitutes an important production center for OEMs and their suppliers, service companies, engineering offices, and research institutes. Today, Germany represents the fourth-largest motor vehicle producer in the world after China, United States, and Japan.

“Presented for the first time at CONTROL 2018, we are currently initiating a worldwide deployment plan for the CUBE-R with the opening of demonstration centers in key territories, such as Germany, United States, and Japan,” explains Pierre-Hugues Allard, Creaform’s head of sales. “An automated industrial measuring cell represents a major investment for any company. Hence, offering the possibility to observe and benchmark the benefits of such a solution firsthand is often critical for our customers.”

“Our demonstration center in Stuttgart features a CUBE-R, which integrates Metrologic Group’s advanced 3D measurement programming and inspection software packages: Silma and Metrolog X4 i-Robot. We will use the center to show how our customers can leverage technologies such as the CUBE-R in their operations and better enable us to respond to automated measurement requests of the industry.”

Creaform’s inauguration open house attracted OEMs and suppliers from Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland, and Turkey. Their feedback was consistent throughout: The CUBE-R is a powerful automated 3D measurement solution that is quick and easy to set up and make operational in factory automation systems.

Clients can contact their local sales representative to schedule a demo or get more information on Creaform automated measurement solutions. A free evaluation tool is also available for operators and quality managers who wish to have Creaform assess productivity issues in their production processes and gain insight from Creaform’s experts.


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Creaform Inc.

Creaform helps companies seamlessly create, simulate, verify, and collaborate in 3D, significantly enhancing their turnaround times and profitability. In addition to designing and selling its 3D laser scanners/systems, 3D digitizers, portable CMMs, dual camera sensors, and distributing other 3D measurement systems and software, Creaform offers design and engineering services, reverse engineering, finite element analysis, 3D and long-range scanning, inspection, training, and staff outsourcing.