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Brunson Instrument Announces TetraLock Portable Industrial Stands

Published: Monday, November 11, 2013 - 11:51

(Brunson: Kansas City, MO) -- Brunson Instrument Co. has released its TetraLock product line for shipping worldwide. The original TetraLock set a new standard in lightweight industrial metrology stands with a prestressed tetrahedron design, a pyramid-like structure known for its ultimate stability. The TetraLock and TetraLock Lite Stands are made from aluminum and stainless steel, and include a choice of thread mount, pad feet, and a duffel style carrying bag. These portable stands can be checked as luggage or stowed in the trunk, and be used on tables or platforms. Brunson is the leading provider of “Made in the USA” industrial stands, tripods, and accessories for the global metrology marketplace.

TetraLock industrial stands are ideal for portable coordinate measuring machines (PCMM) and survey instrumentation weighing up to 125 lb, such as articulating arms, projectors, scanners, theodolites, total stations, and more. Engineered for extreme stability, the TetraLock stand weighs just over 20 lb with a maximum height of 47 inches and maximum footprint of 50 inches. The TetraLock Lite stand is an economical option for customers who do not require the ultimate rigidity of the TetraLock stand, but appreciate its ease of use and portability. This featherweight stand weighs in at 16.2 lb with a maximum height of 47 inches. Both designs offer the best price/performance ratio in the marketplace.

“For more than 80 years, measurement professionals have trusted Brunson industrial stands for their high value, precision metrology instruments,” says Matt Settle, Brunson product manager. “The new TetraLock product line raises the bar in form, function, and portability for metrology applications in aerospace, automotive, scientific, power generation, process mills, marine, and petrochemical. High quality, stability, and competitive price make TetraLock a very attractive offering to the industrial marketplace.”

TetraLock stands are designed for easy transport on the plant floor with a simple, fast setup. Cross braces rotate down and snap into place, forcing the stand’s legs to open and lock against a positive stop. The legs are then secured with knurled, collet-type clamps. The TetraLock Lite stand deploys even faster by tightening a locking plate under its mounting ring. Each stand is collapsible for storage, yet has no movement within its joints when locked in the open position. To establish the TetraLock’s desired height, a technician uses quick-action cam levers to lock or release the stand’s telescoping legs, using handy index marks to guide the process. Optional accessories such as the Brunson EasyConnect, wheels, and pointed feet are also available.

The new products can be ordered by contacting sales@brunson.us.


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Brunson Instrument Co. develops, manufactures, and provides products, solutions, training, and services to deal with 3D measurement and alignment problems faced during the building, inspecting, and maintenance of large machines (e.g., aircraft, paper mills, satellites, ships, machine tools, particle accelerators, and automobiles). Brunson is also a private-label manufacturer for other metrology companies. Its headquarters and manufacturing facility are buried 80 feet below the surface of Kansas City, Missouri, the perfect place for a world-class precision manufacturing facility.