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Autodesk Completes Acquisition of Delcam

Published: Wednesday, February 19, 2014 - 10:48

(Delcam: Birmingham, UK) -- Autodesk Inc., developer of 3-D design, engineering, and entertainment software, has completed the acquisition of Delcam, supplier of advanced computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software.

Autodesk announced its intent to acquire Delcam on Nov. 7, 2013, for £20.75 per share or approximately £172.5 million (~USD $286 million), using non-U.S.-based cash. Delcam will operate as a wholly owned, independently operated subsidiary of Autodesk, with no significant changes planned for Delcam’s business.

“Autodesk brings to Delcam increased financial strength, unparalleled expertise in design, and a long history of making technology accessible to broad audiences,” says Clive Martell, Delcam’s CEO. “Through sharing our technology and expertise, this transaction will transform industries and improve how the world is designed and made. By maintaining the basic structure of Delcam’s business, Autodesk is reflecting its trust in and respect for Delcam’s solutions, leadership, and organization, and we are excited to come together and further the vision, development, and implementation of technology for digital manufacturing.”

Headquartered in Birmingham, UK, Delcam’s range of design, manufacturing, and inspection software provides automated CAD CAM solutions for a variety of industries, ranging from aerospace and automotive to toys and sports equipment. The company has more than 30 offices worldwide and approximately 700 employees.

“The acquisition of Delcam is an important step in Autodesk’s continued expansion into manufacturing and fabrication and beyond our roots in design,” says Buzz Kross, senior vice president for Autodesk’s design, life cycle, and simulation products. “Together with Delcam we look forward to accelerating the development of a more comprehensive digital prototyping solution and delivering a better manufacturing experience. We welcome the Delcam employees, customers, partners, and community to Autodesk.”


About The Author

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Delcam develops, markets, and supports advanced CAD/CAM solutions for the manufacturing industry. Delcam’s range of design, manufacturing, and inspection software provides complete, automated CAD/CAM solutions to take complex-shaped products from concept to reality. Headquartered in Birmingham, UK, Delcam is known for its high-quality support throughout Europe, Asia, and North America. Its U.S. head office is in Salt Lake City.