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Automated Precision Inc.


API Launches New Measurement Services Company

Published: Wednesday, February 20, 2008 - 23:00

(API Technical Services LLC: Newport News, Virginia) -- API Technical Services LLC is pleased to announce that it has formally started operations as of January 2008. API Technical Services is a new metrology services company, wholly owned by Automated Precision Inc. (API) and is based in Newport News, Virginia.

The company is dedicated to providing high-value metrology solutions to overcome the challenges encountered in manufacturing environment. Services include on-site tracker certifications, machine tool error mapping, machine tool alignment, product measurement services, contract measurement equipment, and contract measurement personnel. 

In addition, API Technical Services offers training on the use of laser trackers, photogrammetric systems, and other measurement instruments, including API’s complete line of machine tool calibration equipment. Comprehensive software training, including Spatial Analyzer (API’s core software), is offered as well.

Ron Hicks, formally of Northrop Grumman and a past chairman of CMSC, leads the company. “We have assembled a very capable core group of measurement professionals with over 40 years of combined experience using three-dimensional measurement equipment,” says Hicks. “That, combined with API’s experience in creating innovative instruments and core engineering talent, means that we will be able to offer the best possible measurement solutions in a variety of industries.”

Inquiries to API Technical Services can be made at (757) 223-4157.

About Automated Precision Inc.

Automated Precision is a world leader of advanced metrology solutions for industry. Founded by Dr. Kam Lau in 1987, API has pioneered progressively higher standards of accuracy for coordinate measuring and machine tool operation. Dr. Lau is president of API Technical Services LLC.

API products are installed and used by all of the world’s leading automotive, aerospace, machine tool, and CMM manufacturers. API’s experienced engineering team is unmatched in its ability to create advanced innovative products, which meet the needs of rapid evolving industrial technologies.

API’s headquarters is based in Rockville, Maryland, with offices located throughout North America, South America, Europe, Mexico, India, and Asia, as well as an extensive network of partnerships with recognized industry representatives throughout the world to ensure that all customers have quality local support. Further information about API is available at www.apisensor.com.

About API Technical Services LLC

API Technical Services is an innovative new metrology service company which is wholly owned by Automated Precision Inc. Building on API’s 20 years of experience in portable metrology, API Technical Services offers tracker certifications, machine tool error mapping, machine tool alignment, product measurement services, contract measurement equipment, and contract measurement personnel along with training. API Technical Services can be reached through their headquarters in Newport News, Virginia.


About The Author

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Automated Precision Inc.

Founded in 1987 by Kam Lau, Automated Precision Inc. (API) is the inventor and original patent holder on the first laser tracker systems. API develops and manufactures laser trackers; portable coordinate measuring machines (CMMs); laser tracker accessories, which include probes, sensors, targets, cameras, SMRs, and scale bars; and machine tool calibration products. API Technical Services include contract measurement equipment rental, onsite laser tracker calibrations, machine tool error mapping, machine tool alignment, and training for 3-D measurement systems and analysis software. With its world headquarters in Rockville, Maryland, API has offices in China, Germany, and India.