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Alenia Aeronautica Selects LASERGUIDE LT Projectors for 787 Production

Published: Tuesday, February 21, 2012 - 11:32

(Assembly Guidance Systems: Chelmsford, MA) -- Alenia Aeronautica, a Boeing partner in Grottaglie, Italy, has purchased five LASERGUIDE long-throw systems for 787 fuselage production. The projector supporting the systems is a new model of LASERGUIDE, called LASERGUIDE LT, and is able to project distances of more than 50 feet while maintaining Boeing-required line thickness of 0.025 in.–0.075 in., and accuracy of ±0.030 in. (0.75 mm). The long-throw capability of the LASERGUIDE LT projectors enables Alenia to cover large fuselage sections with a single-projector installation. As these LASERGUIDE systems come online, Alenia will be building the largest high-precision parts with a single laser projector.

Alenia made the switch to Assembly Guidance from its current laser vendor following an extensive on-site evaluation. This change in laser vendor was based on meeting Boeing qualification requirements, demonstrated system performance, significantly lower operational costs, and on-site support available through Assembly Guidance’s Italian metrology partner, Axist Srl.

The Alenia installation represents yet another recent success story for Assembly Guidance, where customers are taking advantage of LASERGUIDE’s unique performance features, lower operational costs, and excellent customer support.

“We are pleased that our products and services are being recognized for their cost-reduction and productivity gains that result in companies choosing to make the switch to LASERGUIDE… such as in Mexico; Pottsville, Pennsylvania; and this latest switch in Grottaglie,” says Scott Blake, president of Assembly Guidance Systems.


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Assembly Guidance Systems Inc. was founded in 1988 to develop, deliver, and support the use of lasers to display 3-D data in stand-alone and integrated systems to enhance manual productivity. Assembly Guidance has been a driving force in the evolution of high-performance laser projection systems for manual manufacturing and quality monitoring. Assembly Guidance has performed every major “first” in laser display for manufacturing.