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ACQUIP Patents Adjustable Mount for Metrology Equipment

Published: Thursday, May 19, 2016 - 14:18

(ACQUIP: Miami Beach, FL) -- ACQUIP, a leading provider of laser alignment, metrology and 3D scanning services, announce today the issuance of U.S Patent No. 20150354750 for the MAGIE, an adjustable magnetic mount for metrology equipment. This patent confirms ACQUIP’s efforts to deliver quality products that are designed within pertinent parameters, which are approved and legally protected by a U.S patent. This achievement is also the proof of ACQUIP’s continuous innovation, the protection of its intellectual property, and the rights of its clients who uses ACQUIP services and products.

U.S Patent No. 20150354750, named “Adjustable Mount for Metrology Equipment,” covers the invention, design, and apparatus as a method for stabilizing metrology equipment when it is mounted on curved or uneven surfaces during measurement processes.

“I am extremely proud that we could provide such an innovative and versatile mounting system for the metrology industry,” Damian Josefsberg CEO of ACQUIP. “At ACQUIP we look forward to creating future products that are equally useful in the marketplace. Since we have identified the need of a mount like this from our own experience in the field, it is a pleasure that we can also share our knowledge with the industry, and being awarded a patent is the ultimate recognition, for which we are very grateful.”

ACQUIP extends appreciation to the team of engineers that worked to make the MAGIE possible, and which will continue to make MAGIE even better in the near future. ACQUIP’s engineers are already working on a new version of MAGIE for nonferrous metals and other materials, due to the interest from the aerospace industry to use the MAGIE in projects that involve aluminum, plastic, or composite-like materials.

The full texts of the patents are available on the website of the United States Patent and Trademark Office. One can search its database by patent number here.

For more information please contact ACQUIP by email at info@acquip.com.


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ACQUIP Rotating Equipment Solutions specializes in rotating equipment alignment, laser alignment, metrology, and 3D scanning services for the power generation, oil and gas, and petrochemical industries. ACQUIP has four divisions: rentals, marine, services, and training. ACQUIP’s solutions streamline workflow and enhance operational efficiency.