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3D Scanning With Two 16-Megapixel Cameras

Published: Wednesday, February 19, 2014 - 15:13

(Breuckmann: Meersburg, Germany) -- The range of scanning products offered by Breuckmann now includes the precise stereoSCAN-R16. Three-dimensional metrology at the highest level can be accomplished using this two-camera system, which is usable in almost any situation, thanks to its excellent mechanical and thermal stability. Whenever it comes to measuring the finest structures or minutest deviations, the stereoSCAN is the system of choice.

The stereoSCAN-R16 is now equipped with two 16 megapixel cameras, which means that the measurement data are calculated on the basis of 32 megapixels. The system is characterized by extremely high-resolution detail and measuring accuracy, which to date has only been achievable using coordinate measuring systems. This system configuration is predominantly used in large-scale measuring fields, where the operator is able to choose either the highest camera resolution or the fastest data acquisition, thus ensuring that each 3D scanning project is processed using the optimal system configuration. The resulting large data volumes are processed using OPTOCAT measuring and evaluation software, which can be used in diverse analysis tasks.

For demanding measurement tasks, the asymmetrical camera arrangement of the stereoSCAN provides optimum flexibility and reliability; even object areas that are difficult to access are fully and conclusively captured. Thanks to the system’s CFRP double structure, it is exceptionally sturdy and capable of delivering high-precision, true-to-detail 3D data for further processing, not only in a protected laboratory environment but also under the harsh and challenging conditions of an industrial production setting.

By swiftly changing the camera lenses or repositioning the camera modules, the system is easily adapted to any kind of task or requirement. The resulting scans are generated in standard formats, e.g., STL, PLY, VRML. In combination with a tactile sensor, the stereoSCAN-R16 provides the ideal scanning setup for complex, large measuring projects with minimal effort. For automated scanning the scanner can also be equipped with a robot and a turn/tilt unit.

For more information visit www.breuckmann.com.


About The Author

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AICON 3D Systems develops, manufactures, and distributes optical camera-based 3-D measurement systems for inspection, testing, and process control. Its clients are automotive manufacturers and suppliers, companies from the aerospace, shipbuilding, and renewable energies sectors.

Breuckmann GmbH manufactures optical systems for contact-free measurement, digitization, and inspection in 3D. Its 3-D digitization and measuring systems are based on a patented fringe projection technique for extremely fast and high detail adherence for complex surface geometries. Applications are in technical-industrial fields, for human body measurements, and in arts and culture.

AICON and Breuckmann merged in August 2012.