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Ryan E. Day


Snapshots of Real-Life Metrology Solutions

September Speaker Series in review

Published: Thursday, October 22, 2020 - 11:03

Metrology may sound like an esoteric dark art, but it isn’t. If you’re involved in manufacturing of any stripe, you’re almost certainly a metrology practitioner. Coordinate metrology, on the other hand, is a more narrow subset of the field but still widely used in many industries for various applications. The CMSC 2020 September Speaker Series (SSS) gave us a fascinating look at how coordinate metrology is being used by industries today.

The SSS—now available on demand upon joining the Coordinate Metrology Society (CMS)—presents a cross-section of coordinate and 3D metrology applications in the form of technical demonstrations by some of industry’s most advanced manufacturing organizations.

The series

Although due to Covid-19 restrictions, this year’s presentations were not in person, they were recorded with the expert’s own custom slides to give visual gravity to the exclusive content on the subject matter.

Because the presentations were conceived, prepared, and presented by metrology experts, the video series truly offers new solutions to everyday problems encountered at work.

Representing the broad spectrum of applications that metrology engages, topics range far and wide. Subjects include robotics, laser tracker compensation, dynamically testing laser trackers in the field, automated fuselage pre-join, and more.

The videos

To access the videos in the series, click on the registration button found on the SSS page and follow the prompts to join the CMS. Then check out the full series here.

Here’s the complete list of titles and topics. The first presentation below is shown in its entirety as a sample; the rest can be viewed as intro clips.

Robotic arm compensation with laser trackers
Presented by Joseph Packer

Simple methods for dynamically testing laser trackers in the field
Presented by David Parker
“Laser trackers are typically evaluated under the ASME B89.4.19 standard using artifact standards under static conditions. Due to the requirements of the artifact standards, evaluations are....”
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A case study of an automated fuselage pre-join
Presented by Robert Flynn
“A recent fuselage join automation project gave the metrology team an opportunity to implement an automated metrology solution. This automation case study reviews a practical application of....”
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Integration of laser tracker systems in BIW (body in white) measurement: A case study in the automotive industry
Presented by Emre Bolova
“Product and process quality assurance are challenging tasks due to increasingly narrowing product specifications. Coordinate measurement is one of the key technologies used in the area of....”
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CMM verification of a low-pressure turbine blisk under spin-testing of a small turbofan engine
Presented by Suneel Kumar
“Spin testing of integrated bladed rotors or blisks is being used increasingly for the better understanding and validation of life and integrity. The test is carried out in various steps and goes through rigorous....”
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From high-resolution imaging to high-precision metrology
Presented by Herminso Villarraga-Gómez
“Today, X-ray microscopes (XRM) have the unique ability to achieve higher resolution and nondestructive imaging within larger parts than traditional X-ray micro-computed tomography (μCT) systems. This unique capability....”
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Mobile metrology AGV within the aerospace industry
Presented by Don Burnard
“Large-volume, close-tolerance measurement presents unique challenges for aerospace manufacturers. Traditionally, metrology on large assemblies such as fuselages or wings has....”
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Magnet Fiducialization for the Advanced Photon Source Upgrade Project
Presented by William Jansma
“Extrememly strict alignment tolerances in combination with a very aggressive installation schedule pose unique alignment challenges in the APS upgrade....”
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Beyond best fit: Spatial compensation of metrology data
Presented by Chris Jamison
“Technological progress over the last decade has allowed metrology professionals to efficiently collect accurate and comprehensive data sets on large complex structures. With contemporary software, analysts distill meaningful results with....”
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Derivation and guide to the uncertainty in the angle between two planes
Presented by Jana Barker
“Coordinate metrologists need to plan their measurements and estimate the resulting uncertainties before data collection in order to achieve needed precisions. We present the mathematical relationship between the....”
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X-ray CT measurement study
Presented by Andrew Ramsey
“World-class manufacturers have many metrology solutions at hand to help them ensure the quality of their parts and finished products. For many decades now, the ‘gold standard’ for accuracy has....”
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