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Belinda Jones


PrecisionPath Consortium Launches Industrywide Survey for Large-Scale Manufacturing

Published: Thursday, May 19, 2016 - 13:27

When the PrecisionPath Consortium concluded its second working meeting on February 25, 2016, noteworthy progress was made in the roadmapping process for advanced, large-scale manufacturing. More than 20 members of the consortium participated in this pivotal "“Needs Assessment and Gap Analysis” workshop.

The bulk of the meeting was spent reviewing the technology drivers and usage scenarios identified at the previous meeting, and addressing questions about the various attributes of metrology instruments utilized in manufacturing or scientific applications. On day two of the workshop, the group discussed additional needs such as workforce development, data management, and the industry standards required to support this field.

Based on these intensive sessions and participant feedback, the PrecisionPath team has prepared its first industry-at-large survey. This study will gather information about current capabilities and requirements as well as the anticipated future needs for portable metrology systems in support of large-scale precision manufacturing (LPM). The survey will be officially launched on Monday, May 23, 2016 at the PrecisionPath Consortium website. Participants should select the “Take our Survey” button on the home page to start the process.

Users and managers of portable metrology systems are invited to take the survey, join the PrecisionPath community, and enter the giveaway for an Apple iPad. The survey will address usage scenarios and issues affecting many industries, such as aerospace, automotive, defense, power generation, boatbuilding, satellite, oil and gas, and any related field that manufactures large-scale, precision parts that require in-place measurement.

A special thank you goes out to the organizing team of UNCC and the Coordinate Metrology Society for its leadership on this roadmapping project.

Needs assessment and gap analysis workshop

The February workshop was a continuation of the PrecisionPath Planning and Visioning Council meeting held in late October 2015. The group discussed critical production challenges, metrology system attributes, and how to solidify the framework of the PrecisionPath Roadmap. This project is funded by an Advanced Manufacturing Technology Consortia (AMTech) grant from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), an agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce.              

The large amount of data collected during the two-day workshop continues to be analyzed. Participant feedback had a positive impact on determining how the industry survey questions should be proposed, resulting in a survey that is more concise and efficient. One example, shown in the graphic below, reveals the results of one question that relates the importance of different attributes (regardless of instrument type) to various usage scenarios (applications). The difference in values is very interesting, and input from the industry at large will add further intelligence to the technology roadmapping process.

Click here for larger image.

Join the PrecisionPath Consortium; next meeting at CMSC 2016

Interested metrology professionals from the large-scale manufacturing community who can commit to attending PrecisionPath technical meetings and associated conferences in the next two years are invited to contact Ron Hicks, CMS Committee Chair. The next meeting is set for Monday, July 25 at the 2016 Coordinate Metrology Society Conference (CMSC), being held at the Embassy Suites by Hilton in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, July 25–29, 2016. Hotel rates and information can be found here.


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