Product Demos

Material Testing Made Easy

Create tensile, compressive, shear, flexural, cyclic and creep tests on everything. Perform your test setups with confidence, precision, accuracy and repeatability on frames with load capacities up to 50kN. Manage your results with comprehensive data acquisition and reporting.
Analyze your results including stress, strain, elastic modulus, yield strength and more.

Call 1-888-674-7443 for an L3 software demonstration.

vProbe – OT2’s new wireless accessory!

vProbe’s wireless technology syncs perfectly with Omnitrac 2’s wireless laser tracker. vProbe makes it easier to operate in your workspace without having to reposition your tracker or fixtures. Gain flexibility and speed – take portability to the next level!

Introducing the latest probe head technology at CONTROL 2015

Cesare Martin, Product Manager, talks through our latest probe head technology at CONTROL 2015 in Stuttgart.

Laser Radar, Next-Generation Shopfloor CMM

The Laser Radar mounted on a robot is a robust, flexible shopfloor CMM that provides accurate, dimensional measurements in the car coordinate system allowing direct comparison to CAD without the need for a reference part. Unlike horizontal-arm CMM, its high-speed measurements fit within short production cycle times. At the same time it is a more flexible solution to adapt with changes in model mix and factory layout. More information on