Product Demos

Mahr: Company and Product Overview

Glossy overview of Mahr Federal and its products:


* Precision Gages

* Length Metrology

* Surface Metrology

* Form Metrology

* Gear Metrology

* Optical Metrology

* Shaft Metrology

ASPEX: AQC--Particle Contamination Inspection

Demo of ASPEX AQC--Advanced Quality Control Analyzer


Identifies and characterizes particle contamination created during the assembly and manufacturing process.

Examines debris as small as a few hundred nanometers

Analysis includes size, shape, and elemental composition of particles.

Gradient Lens--Hawkeye Borescopes Demo

Demo of Hawkeye Borescope


Brief description of technology.

Shows use in inspecting tubes, castings, and engine parts.

Describes use with light sources and video cameras.

FaroArm Quantum Demo

FaroArm Quantum demo.


The FaroArm Quantum is used for completing high precision surface measurements and dimensional calculations. Performs inspections, CAD analysis, alignments, and reverse engineering. The Quantum’s design and features make it a good choice for companies constrained by the limitations of fixed CMMs or other portable models. Learn more about the features and benefits and see how other successful companies have improved their processes with the FaroArm Quantum.


Video demonstates: 

* Hard probes

* Laser scanners

* Coordination with laser tracker

* Several short case studies

Minitab--Getting Started with Minitab

Introduction to Minitab Statistical Software


Worksheet explained

* Opening worksheet

* Entering data

* Importing data


Working with sample dataset

* Data types

* Creating a histogram

OPTEK--Stage Smoothness Demo

Short video demonstrates the smoothness of OPTEK's VideoMic stage.


A quarter standing on its edge doesn't fall over during stage movement.

Minitab Lesson--Quality Companion, Adding Tools

Third in a series of lessons on Minitab Quality Companion.


Adding tools to Quality Companion.


Adding tools in a roadmap

Adding a Fishbone

Adding forms

Moving forms to phases

Adding a process map

Filling out/modifying Project Charter

Minitab Lesson--Quality Companion, Starting a Project

Second in a series of lessons on Minitab Quality Companion.


Starting a project in Quality Companion




Adding team members

Assigining roles

Minitab Lesson--Navigating Quality Companion

First of a series of lessons on Minitab Quality Companion.


How to navigate Quality Companion.



* Project Manager
* Work space
* Task Pane


Hiding panes
Saving projects and templates

Olympus EPOCH 1000 Series

Overview of the Olympus EPOCH 1000 Series advanced ultrasonic flaw detector with phased array imaging.