Product Demos

Juran Institute: Breakthrough with Lean and Six Sigma

In this video from Juran Institute, their clients discuss the benefits of implementing a lean Six Sigma program and some of the results they have achieved using the methodology. Joseph De Feo, Juran's president and executive coach, further outlines the benefits as well as the need for organizations to adopt the lean Six Sigma methodology to reach breakthrough levels of performance.

Faro Gage Plus Demo

Overview of the FARO Gage Plus.


* How it works

* Specifications

* FARO Gage Software overview

* Two case studies from German manufacturers

PDXpert: Product Lifecycle Management Software Overview

Overview of PDXpert PLM Software


Describes the purpose and financial benefits of a product lifecycle management system.

Minitab: Quality Companion Tour

Overview of Minitab Quality Companion

Minitab Statistical Software helps you analyze your data. Quality Companion helps you with everything else. It’s an all-in-one application with the tools you need to organize, execute, customize and track your Six Sigma and process improvement projects.

Prolink: SPC Office Buddy Demo

The SPC Office Buddy is a new application that integrates directly with Minitab, JMP, and MS Excel to run reports using CMM data collected by QC-CALC Real-Time.

Airpot: Push Damping vs. Pull Damping

Noncommercial demonstration of push damping vs. pull damping using an Airpot dashpot.

Quality Systems Integrators: TMSWEB Demo

Description of TMSWEB software, a web-based solution designed for large organizations, companies with multiple sites, or companies whose IT strategy is thin client. TMSWeb is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant for companies who are audited by the FDA.

Gardco: Calibrating EZ Zahn Dip Cup

Short video demonstrating the calibration procedure for the Gardco EZ Zahn Dip Cup used for measuring viscosity.

Mahr: Company and Product Overview

Glossy overview of Mahr Federal and its products:


* Precision Gages

* Length Metrology

* Surface Metrology

* Form Metrology

* Gear Metrology

* Optical Metrology

* Shaft Metrology

ASPEX: AQC--Particle Contamination Inspection

Demo of ASPEX AQC--Advanced Quality Control Analyzer


Identifies and characterizes particle contamination created during the assembly and manufacturing process.

Examines debris as small as a few hundred nanometers

Analysis includes size, shape, and elemental composition of particles.