Product Demos

Minitab Lesson--Navigating Quality Companion

First of a series of lessons on Minitab Quality Companion.


How to navigate Quality Companion.



* Project Manager
* Work space
* Task Pane


Hiding panes
Saving projects and templates

Olympus EPOCH 1000 Series

Overview of the Olympus EPOCH 1000 Series advanced ultrasonic flaw detector with phased array imaging.


CMTC: Overview

Overview of CMTC consulting services.


Our unique organization provides manufacturing and distribution consulting services which improve California’s industrial base and our state’s economic vitality. CMTC’s organizational culture of “hands-on consulting” delivered by an exceptionally experienced team with proven capabilities provides unique client value.

Mitutoyo Crysta Plus CMM Demo


In this episode of Technorazzi, Eric Tingle of Mitutoyo demonstrates the capabilities of Mitutoyo's CRYSTA-PLUS CMM.


CRYSTA-PLUS M is a high-performance manual 3-D coordinate measuring instrument. CRYSTA-PLUS M comes into its own wherever constantly changing measuring tasks, many different types of workpiece and random sampling is the order of the day.



Smarter Solutions: Oracle Packaging Case Study

A Smarter Solutions case study of how their Integrated Enterprise Excellence System was used to improve processes at Oracle Packaging.

CIS Software: Executive Overview

Demonstration of the CIS Software.


Intertek is a leading international provider of quality and safety services to a wide range of global and local industries.    Intertek has an extensive network of laboratories and offices and more than 24,000 people in more than 110 countries around the world.

Mark-10 Force/Torque Measurement
This video is a description of the Mark-10 company and its force- and torque-measurement products.
Artel Multichannel Verification System

A description of the operation and benefits of the Artel Multichannel Verification System.


The ARTEL MVS is an easy-to-use, universal system to verify the volume transfer performance of automated liquid handling systems and multichannel handheld pipettes


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Automated Precision Inc. (API) Tracker Systems

Product demo of several API products:


- Tracker3 laser tracker

- OmniTrac laser tracking system

- Active Target

- Smart Trac


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