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SICK Sensor Solutions

When Accuracy Counts - Using Optical Displacement Sensors

ODs offer highly accurate measurement at extremely short ranges... View this new video to see how SICK's line of non-contact optical displacement sensors can improve throughput and reduce errors in manufacturing.



TechnorazziLIVE: Zeiss Computed Tomography/CALYPSO

In the first half of this TechnorazziLIVE episode, viewer can see the benefits of using CALYPSO as a common metrology software for both ZEISS CMMs and non-ZEISS machines. With CALYPSO software you will be able to increase your productivity while optimizing your measuring capabilities.


PCDMIS Planner

PC-DMIS Planner is a stand-alone application that links design and inspection by creating an inspection plan from design data. It does not reside inside a CAD system but instead uses CAD data either directly via a Direct CAD Interface (DCI) or via one of several CAD translators. It uses this data to create the inspection plan. A group of Planner-compatible tools have been added to PC-DMIS that convert the inspection plan into a PC-DMIS part program.

Hexagon Optiv Multisensor Measuring System

OPTIV is a multi-sensor measuring system where the primary sensor is video. Optiv systems combine the power of vision, laser and touch probe inspection in one versatile system. With a complete selection of high-resolution cameras, TTL (through-the-lens) laser, white light scanning sensors, analog scanning sensors and touch-trigger probes, they’re ideal for every kind of dimensional measurement and reverse engineering application.


FARO Focus3D Laser Scanner Demo

The Focus3D is a high-speed 3D laser scanner for detailed measurement and documentation. The Focus3D uses laser technology to produce incredibly detailed three-dimensional images of complex environments and geometries in only a few minutes.


Minitab: Tour Quality Trainer

Quality Trainer is Minitab's e-learning course that teaches you statistics and how to analyze your data with Minitab statistical software.

Minitab: Quality Trainer Tour

Quality Trainer is Minitab's e-learning course that teaches you statistics and how to analyze your data with Minitab statistical software.

Zeiss Visual Metrology

CALYPSO Software is based on the principle of visual metrology: measure what you see – without extensive programming or complicated code and text input. All part features from a drawing or a CAD model are stored as icons. Select the icons you need and your measurement plan is finished. CALYPSO automatically calculates the ideal measuring run and travel paths.


Camstar CAPA Management: Rapidly Correct Today's Real Issues, Prevent Tomorrow'sCamstar CAPA is an enterprise-class CAPA Management System containing capabilities designed to help continuously improve product and process Quality – allowing you to deliver higher quality products, and achieve compliance as a natural outcome.

TechnorazziLIVE: FARO AMP Launch

Demo of FARO AMP, the company's first 3-D Imager. AMP is a high performance, non-contact 3-D Imager, capable of collecting millions of points in just seconds. Using patented technology, the AMP achieves groundbreaking accuracy never before possible on parts, assemblies and tools.



• High accuracy (metrology grade imaging)

• Large volume (500 x 500 x 220 mm field of view)

• Laser performance (enhanced ability to measure dark and shiny surfaces)