Product Demos

Genie TS Camera Tour

The Genie TS series of cameras is a next-generation camera platform engineered to meet the critical performance and environmental requirements of challenging applications such as ITS. Powered by the latest image sensors including Teledyne DALSA's own advanced CMOS devices, the Genie TS family offers resolution from VGA up to 12 megapixel with extremely high quality resolution and frame rates as high as 300 fps, all with true global shutter functionality for crisp, smear-free images of high-speed action. Genie TS also provides remarkable dynamic range to ensure optimized image capture from sun-to-shade.


Integrated features like motorized lens control with image-to-image aperture, zoom and focus functionality, auto iris, image compression, image transfer-on-demand, and both RS-485 and RS-232 ports, are all built into a tough compact body equipped with a GigE Vision Compliant, direct to PC, interface making high speed data transfer and multi-camera networks easy to deploy.


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Lumetrics: RoboScan Medical Bag Measurement

Blood and IV bags typically are measured manually with touch gauges and razor blades. But these devices are notoriously inaccurate and subject to extreme operator variability. Manufacturers today don’t have to settle for sub-prime seal thickness measurements. RoboScan provides a method to take thickness measurements at various locations around the seals, and around all tubing. RoboScan measures up to 200 samples per second and is easy to use.


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FARO Edge ScanArm

In this demonstration, an operator utilizes a FARO ScanArm to capture 3-D point clouds of complex shapes. The FARO Laser Line Probe (LLP) weighs 2.7 ounces and integrates with the FARO Edge arm to form the complete ScanArm solution. The FARO Edge ScanArm permits users to scan parts and equipment for rapid prototyping and reverse engineering applications. Its 4 in.-wide laser stripe captures up to 45,000 points of 3-D data per second.


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Mikel Harry on Bob Galvin: Archaeology

In this excerpt from a Mikel Harry interview, he talks about how Bob Galvin, then CEO of Motorola, once hired a team of archaeologists to delve into the Motorola's history and culture.


This clip is audio only.

TechnorazziLIVE: Creaform MaxShot 3D

Creaform’s TechnorazziLIVE features the company’s latest addition: the MaxSHOT 3D optical coordinate measuring system. This new complementary product is very simple to operate and adds the accuracy and speed of photogrammetry to the wide range of applications already possible with Creaform technologies, most especially with larger parts.


The video also showcases the VXshot software module, that features real-time visualization and validation of acquired data and entirely guided step-by-step operation, and was designed with photogrammetry novice users in mind.


Product manager Daniel Brown does an extensive and detailed demonstration of the MaxSHOT 3D system and answers attendees’ questions.


Watch it now, it might actually answers yours too!

TechnorazziLIVE: Improving the Efficiency of the Inspection Process

Geomagic and 3D3 Solutions demonstrated live from the show floor of Coordinate Metrology Systems Conference (CMSC) on ways to optimize the inspection process. Why settle for two dimensional measurements with a traditional CMM or inspection gauge when you can capture every detail of your as-built part? Inspect products in a fraction of the time instead of weeks by combining the use of 3D scanning with 3D digital inspection. In this recorded presentation you will learn how to:


• Capture 3D data from a physical part using the High Definition Imaging (HDI) 3D Scanner
• Compare the part to the reference (CAD model) using Geomagic Qualify 3D inspection software
• Generate customized reports featuring 3D PDF documents to fit your organization’s needs

IBS Enterprise Quality Management System

From ensuring compliance to most ISO standards and government regulations to implementing strategic initiatives for quality, safety and the environment, IBS has solutions for all your quality and compliance management requirements.