Product Demos

Inspection Arsenal CMM Work Holding and Loc-N-Load Fixture Plate System

The CMM fixture plate system is affordable and flexible enough to:

• Reduce Startup Costs: Purchase only the plates you need.
• Customize Affordably: Choose only the configurations that work for you.
• Simplify setups and "fixture-up": Use as dedicated tooling for production jobs.
• Eliminate broken probes: Swap out probe-crunching, tall setups quickly.
• Enhance your investments: Fast inspection improves the production pipeline.


Omnitrac 2. A new, wireless laser tracker from Automated Precision Inc (API). The Omnitrac 2 is more compact, lighter and rugged than other laser trackers. This makes it the ideal instrument for measurements indoors and outdoors and in harsh environments. The Omnitrac 2 has the functionality and affordability to be the tracker for people who thought they could never benefit from one. Click the banner to the right for more information.

Capture 3D New ATOS Core: The Mini Powerhouse for 3D Scanning Applications

The ATOS Core series is the newest addition to the ATOS product line of advanced 3D scanners engineered by GOM mbH Germany. With GOM's industry benchmarked reputation for designing and manufacturing accurate, high quality and innovative optical metrology systems, the ATOS Core is truly a mini sized powerhouse setting a new price/performance milestone in the marketplace. It fuses the latest GOM structured blue light technology and intelligent software into a sleek 3D scanning solution for inspection, quality control, rapid prototyping and reverse engineering applications.

CHARTrunner Lean—Innovative and adaptable SPC charting software

CHARTrunner Lean® features StatBoard® which provides at-a-glance process summary information for data-driven decision making. StatBoard allows you to easily provide Proof of Quality for many measures including process capability, performance, and stability, as well as out-of-spec statistics. StatBoard is just one way CHARTrunner Lean simplifies the work of generating process performance charts to help you optimize your processes and focus on quality improvement.

Zavanta Process & SOP Software

Good standard operating procedures are essential for any effective Quality Program to reduce errors and standardize employee training, but too many companies throw money down a black hole on SOPs their employees can’t understand and won’t use. Conventional methods aren’t working. Zavanta® software from COMPROSE Inc. breaks through the limitations of conventional approaches with a faster, better way to capture, maintain, and deliver clear operating procedures, policies, training manuals and work instructions that employees can use and understand.

ASQ 2013 World Conference on Quality and Improvement - May 6 - 8

Change is ever-present, unpredictable, and occurring at an ever-increasing pace. In the face of this change, the 2013 World Conference on Quality and Improvement offers both respite and guidance in the navigation of today's changing world. The conference offers a forum of ideas and an international network of thought leaders, experts, and peers eager to share the proven results achieved through quality. Click the banner to learn more and register.

HxGN Live

HxGN is proud to bring you HxGN LIVE , Hexagon’s international conference, 3-6 June 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA! Featuring Intergraph®, Hexagon Metrology, Leica Geosystems and Z/I Imaging, HxGN LIVE promises an exciting line-up filled with informative sessions, must-see technologies, exclusive keynotes and unlimited networking. It’s a different name, but the same great conference – and an experience you don’t want to miss.

So God Made a Quality Manager

Mike Micklewright and Quality Digest present this homage to quality managers: Those hard-working, often-overlooked gatekeepers of continuous improvement. Told in the style of the late, great Paul Harvey, this video demonstrates why quality managers are the glue of organizations everywhere, whether in manufacturing or service industries. Enjoy!

QT9 Software

QT9 Quality Management Software is a complete and comprehensive software solution that can manage all of your requirements for a total Quality Management System. QT9 QMS is a web based application that allows you to keep ALL of your quality activities in one user friendly application that not only keeps you paperless and compliant, but it is also platform independent and can be accessed by any computer, Mac, tablet, or even smart phone.