Product Demos

Amphenol Canada inspects parts with a multisensor system

Amphenol ensures their manufacturing processes with a ZEISS O-INSPECT 322 system. The connector shells are inspected on the shopfloor with a ZEISS DuraMax CMM. Click the banner for more information.

HP-L-20.8 Laser Scanner: Fast and Accurate Scanning on the Move

The HP-L-20.8 Laser Scanner is a complete rapid point cloud capture solution for the ROMER Absolute Arm SE. Highly portable and easy to use, the HP-L-20.8 is a powerful tool for a huge range of metrology applications including feature inspection to CAD, free-form surface inspection to CAD and reverse engineering.

The HP-L-20.8 produces first-class performance on complex workpieces. With five adjustable line lengths up to 220 mm and a speed of up to 150,000 points per second, this flexible laser scanner delivers accurate 3D point clouds at high speed.

HP-L-20.8 is available on the newest generation of ROMER Absolute SE arms. 

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Industrial CT Scan: Internal 3D Inspection and how it works

Similar to the CAT scan X-rays conducted in the medical industry for attaining internal bodily data, industrial CT scanning uses X-ray technology for internal inspection in 3D for the industry. A part is placed inside the CT system on a rotary table, which rotates 360 degrees. An X-ray source shoots through the part, and the detector panel captures several thousands of 2D X-ray images which are re-constructed slice by slice into a 3D model using a software. As a result, the viewer has access to a 3D model of the part with internal data. Commonly used in the aerospace and automotive industry, this nondestructive testing method is quite unique and proves to be useful.

Get your Quality Management System Paperless with QT9!

QT9™ Quality Management Software eliminates all of the "paper pushing" and Excel logs for maintaining your Quality Management System. Get paperless with electronic signatures (21 CFR Part 11) and full traceability. QT9™ Quality Management Software brings enterprise level QMS software for ISO 9001, AS9100, ISO 13485, & FDA QSRs right to your fingertips via your local network or the World Wide Web. Register for a free 30 day trial or live web demo today!

Hexagon Metrology and the Speed of Innovation

The most innovative companies in the world depend on Hexagon Metrology's dimensional measuring technology to give them an edge in speed of production and speed to market. Two of our clients that translate our technology into literal speed are Infiniti Red Bull Racing and Bloodhound SSC

RTI Remmele Medical inspects parts with several ZEISS CMMS

RTI Remmele Medical is a manufacturer of medical devices and spinal implants. They guarantee the quality of these products with several ZEISS bridge-type CMMs including the PRISMO, ACCURA and MICURA models plus two inline GageMax systems with automation.

Questions About Wireless Measurement Collection?

Click on the banner to the right and download our Free "Most Frequently Asked Questions About Wireless." If you collect measurements to monitor or improve your quality process, wireless offers many benefits and there are several choices.

The New ROMER Absolute Arms

The new ROMER Absolute Arms from Hexagon Metrology feature more user friendly features to get your shop floor measuring job done faster and more effectively. Learn more by clicking the banner.

ZEISS DuraMax Production CMM

The right measuring equipment for the shopfloor. The ability to measure quickly and accurately and the flexibility to react to changes are essential in the machining and tooling industry. Fixed gages and inspection equipment are no longer economical. DuraMax is your answer.