Turning Today's Quality Challenges Into a Source of Competitive Advantage with Closed-Loop Quality Management (i Base t)

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Free webinar: Turning Today's Quality Challenges Into a Source of Competitive Advantage with Closed-Loop Quality Management


June 17, 2014

2:00 PM Eastern
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For quality and operational professionals, it's not enough anymore just to produce high-quality products. Driven by factors such as rising customer standards and activity, increasingly stringent regulatory environments, and complex global supply chains, market leading companies today are connecting data around these and other challenges, or "closing the loop," to continuously improve upstream operations.

Developing these Closed-Loop Quality Management capabilities requires architecting business processes like corrective and preventive actions and document management throughout engineering, manufacturing, the supply chain and customer experience.


Today's market leaders understand that quality is a shared responsibility, not a department, and are supporting these business processes through the use of enterprise applications like Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Statistical Process Control (SPC), Enterprise Quality Management Software (EQMS), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), and others to foster collaboration, improve analytics, and present a single version of the truth.


In this free webinar, the presenters will draw upon research data collected from more than 1,000 quality executives to detail the critical steps and components needed for creating the type of robust closed-loop quality management environments that push companies to the top of the market.


Specifically, LNS will cover:

* The business process and enterprise applications that must be harmonized and managed centrally vs. those that should remain locally managed
* The most important metrics for effectively benchmarking closed-loop quality management initiatives
* The current state of closed-loop quality management capabilities by industry
* Strategies for enhancing closed-loop quality management and quality analytics to enable increasingly predictive decision making


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Presented by:

Mehul Shah, Senior Associate, LNS Research

Mehul Shah

Mehul brought his previous experiences of managing relationships with industrial executives to the LNS Research team. Mehul has a solid understanding of effectively managing quantitative and qualitative research projects to provide executives with the resources needed to improve overall operational and business performance. He recognizes the role people, process and technology plays in achieving business value, and is a known industry speaker on the topics of quality management, sustainability, and asset management.


Before joining LNS Research, Mehul worked with two research firms, Aberdeen Group and IDC. He graduated from the University of Mumbai with a BE in Electronics Engineering, and the University of Massachusetts Boston with an MBA in Finance and International Management.