ISO 9001:2015 Implementation

When: Dec. 10th 8:30amDec. 11th 4:30pm (Central)

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Stacy Ward (713) 589-4680
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The "ISO 9001:2015 Implementation" training course teaches the foundation of ISO 9001:2015: the common framework adopted by ISO for all standards including the High Level Structure (HLS), Common text and Common terminology. This course also goes in depth over each clause of the standard, focusing on what the standard says, what the standard means, how to apply the standard in the real world and how to audit it. This highly praised course was designed by Mireaux from its own experience after being the first Consulting firm to upgrade its quality management system to the new ISO 9001:2015 version - in October 2015. The course is filled with practical exercises and real application examples, to help participants develop a hands-on understanding that will facilitate the implementation of a world-class Quality Management System.

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12802 Willow Centre Drive Houston TX 77066 USA