Fifth Annual Medical Device Safety Monitoring and Reporting

When: Jan. 24th 9:00amJan. 26th 5:00pm (Pacific)

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Amanda Pink 312-540-3000 Ext: 6310
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Product safety is the number one priority of medical device manufacturers. At a time when methods of communication are constantly evolving and expanding and information is ubiquitous, it is challenging, yet necessary, for medical device companies to manage large data streams, be alerted of product malfunctions, and respond efficiently to customer complaints. Coupled with continually changing and ever more stringent regulatory requirements, it is an uphill battle for many medical device manufacturers to manage a harmonized and integrated safety, surveillance, and reporting strategy. This marcus evans Fifth Annual Medical Device Safety Monitoring and Reporting conference aims to shed light on FDA and international guidelines on medical device monitoring and reporting, as well as benchmark best practices from peers across the industry. Delegates will receive practical knowledge and tangible tactics from leading regulatory affairs, compliance, quality assurance, and post-market surveillance professionals on how to efficiently collect and effectively house post-market data, streamline the reporting process to ensure deadlines, and maximize existing tools and technologies to gather all necessary product information.

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