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By: Jerry W. Thomas

The many “truisms” of customer loyalty lore are mostly a set of mythologies to deceive the gullible and exploit the innocent. Let us explore these mythologies and then talk about best practices for customer satisfaction and customer loyalty research.

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By: Mike Richman

We were back to a full complement of hosts on this week’s episode of QDL, as I returned from vacation to an action-package show with lots of interesting content.

In case you missed it, this past Friday’ Quality Digest Live looked at:

Amazon Patents Flying Warehouse

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According the International Organization of Standardization (ISO), there are more than 300,000 certifications to ISO 14001 in 171 countries around the world, making it the most relied-upon symbol of environmental stewardship and sustainable business practice. True to its core tenant of continual improvement, the ISO 14001 environmental management system (EMS) standard has rolled out its latest update—the 2015 version—making the program leaner and more business-focused than ever before.

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By: Katherine Watts

While at the National MACRA MIPS/APM Summit in Washington, D.C., I heard much discussion centered on how to create and implement strategies that pay physicians fairly, while controlling spending in the Medicare program. It’s a question we’ve wrestled with for almost 20 years and a challenge we must solve.

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By: Matthew Muller

I have been inspired to write this article after learning about Joseph Juran and understanding the effect he has had on our society. I started working at Juran Global about six months ago, and since then I’ve had several friends and past colleagues reach out to me with questions like, “What is Juran?” and “What do you guys do?” I figured this would be the best place to explain why our organization exists.

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By: Patrick Nelson

I love turnaround stories about teams that break down barriers to reach their full potential.

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By: Elisa K. Spain

Most of us who have been in leadership roles for awhile understand the importance of delegating. It’s simply a matter of leverage: The more we delegate, the more gets done. But sometimes we get confused. We think we are delegating, when in fact, we are abdicating. What’s the difference?

Delegate: To entrust a task or responsibility to another person. Abdicate: To fail to do what is required by a duty or responsibility.

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By: Christian Rockwell

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The year 2017 is finally upon us, so Happy New Year one and all! For many, it will take a little while to get used to this turn of the calendar. Others however, particularly in the quality space, may already have their eyes on 2018.

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By: Ryan E. Day

Everything, it seems, has a vulnerability. For werewolves, it’s silver bullets. For Superman, it’s Kryptonite. For manufacturing—it’s rework. Rework means loss of throughput, which means loss of profit, which can mean death by a thousand rewelds. But, just as silver bullets can be dodged, and Kryptonite can be avoided, much rework can be prevented by adopting appropriate technology.

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By: Dara Corrigan

For FDA professionals focused on drug quality and safety, the rapid increase in imported drugs from nations where we devote limited inspection resources is of great concern.

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