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Measure for Measure
Optical comparators measure more than simple dimensions.
by Tad A. Davis


Creating Value From the Inside Out
Take 10 steps to create value through your internal customers.
by John Guaspari


A Hard Look at Quality Management Software
You don't have to settle for expensive, generic packages.
by Mary Beth Nilles


Baldrige Award Winner Profile
Quality Digest interviews Jo Ann Brumit, KARLEE Co. Inc.'s CEO.
by Robert A. Green


Weaving a Quality Industry
Quality initiatives reshape the textile industry.
by Timothy G. Clapp, Ph.D.; A. Blanton Godfrey, Ph.D.; Dale Greeson, Roy H. Johnson, Ph.D.; Coleman Rich; and Cliff Seastrunk


2001 Vision Systems Guide
Looking for a vision-based metrology solution? Try our directory.
by Robert A. Green and Hallie Gorman




Top Story
Are Your Investments Performing at Baldrige-Quality Levels?
or years, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, which administers the Baldrige Award, consistently boasted stock market dominance over the Standard & Poor's 500, claiming more than 1,100-percent growth during the life of the NIST study, while the S&P 500 grew a paltry (by comparison) 228 percent. But what about this last year, the year the stock market came back to reality? An informal survey conducted by Quality Digest found that the Baldrige Index, after years of dominance, might not be invincible after all.


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