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By: Denise Robitaille


was the night before Christmas and all through the plant
Not a technician was stirring, no quality rants.

Performance charts were pinned to the cork board with care,
In hopes that, their progress, people would share.

The micrometers were nestled, all snug and encased
Protected from damage or being misplaced.

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By: Paul Scicchitano


f you’ve been sweating what to get your quality colleagues this holiday season, you might want to pass up that tin of gooey chocolate in favor of a new international self-help standard.

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By: Mike Richman

Here at Quality Digest, we get a lot of mail: Some of it’s critical, some of it’s praiseworthy, some of it’s cantankerous, and some of it’s challenging. All of it is insightful. And then, every once in awhile, something comes along that simply... well...

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By: Denise Robitaille

There have been a couple of great columns in recent weeks in Quality Digest Daily dealing either directly or indirectly with the subject of root cause analysis. Mike Micklewright gave us his spin on medical consequences of inadequate root cause analysis and Dirk Dusharme illustrated the pitfalls of gathering data and then not using it to do root cause analysis.

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By: Steve Arbogast

A quality management system is a framework of processes and procedures that are used to ensure that an organization can fulfill all tasks required to achieve its goals, strategies, and objectives.

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By: Denise Robitaille

It was the great W. Edwards Deming who first applied this tenet, “Drive out fear,” to quality management in his book Out of the Crisis (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1982) It’s one of his 14 Points for Management.

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By: Bill Kalmar

The band “Chicago” sang those words about "time" decades ago. The second line “Does anybody really care?” seems to sum up what is still in vogue today, especially in the workplace. Just as with vacations where workers are reluctant to leave for fear that someone will discover that their job is expendable, those same workers are reluctant to depart their desk at the customary 5 p.m. quitting time.

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By: Denise Robitaille

The final draft of the revised ISO 9004 standard is out for ballot. This means that it will hopefully be available before the end of this year. It’s radically different from the last version. For one thing, the title has changed. It’s now: “Managing for the sustained success of an organization—A quality management approach.”

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By: Esteve Garriga

Real estate bubble, subprime mortgages, financial system, stock markets, and finally, Main Street. The deepest crisis in decades is here, monopolizing media’s headlines, freezing our economies and strongly affecting us not only as citizens (or should I say consumers?) but also as quality professionals within our organizations.

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By: Denise Robitaille

A father and his son were going to market. Their donkey was laden with the vegetables from their garden and assorted wares they were going to sell. The young son became tired and so his father lifted him up onto the donkey so that he could ride for a while. Shortly thereafter, they passed through a small hamlet where the people scorned the son for showing disrespect to his father. “Look at the son who rides while his poor hard working father who toils every day must trod along without rest.”

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