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By: Denise Robitaille

s the universe of quality management systems expands, it’s interesting to observe the increasing variables that constitute the concept of applicability. Let’s take maintenance of records as an example.


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By: Gene Rider

Approximately three-fourths of product safety recalls in the United States are the result of some design flaw in the product rather than a manufacturing or other defect. Most violations of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) “small parts” standard, for example, are the result of nonexistent or inadequate design-hazard review, not defective materials or production techniques.

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By: Paul Scicchitano

The billowing cloud of volcanic ash spewing from Iceland may have been a major pain for air travel, but it also had a positive side. It served up a gentle reminder for me to find out what the heck is going on with AS9100 certification.

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By: Denise Robitaille

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By: Akhilesh Gulati

Toyota’s name has been plastered in the headlines providing it the publicity no organization would wish for.

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By: Paul Scicchitano

Some experts could barely hide their disappointment when the total number of ISO 9001 certificates recently failed to break the long-awaited million-certificate mark—as if it isn’t enough to have the world’s most widely used voluntary quality standard of all time.

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By: The Un-Comfort Zone With Robert Wilson

On a summer weekend in 1977, my friend Tony and I made plans to go water-skiing. When he picked me up there were two people in the car that I did not know. He introduced his new girlfriend, Sue, and her brother, Bubba.

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By: Miriam Boudreaux

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