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Introduction to the Harada Method

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Introducing the Harada Method, a powerful tool to help managers bring out the best in their employees. This one-hour live video webinar, hosted by Quality Digest, will be presented by the “Godfather of Lean” and Industry Week Hall of Famer, Norman Bodek, and moderated by Quality Digest’s editor in chief, Dirk Dusharme.


2011 World Conference on Quality and Improvement

2012 World Conference on Quality and Improvement

SICK Sensors for the Automotive Industry
Automotive error-proofing is a vital function to maintain quality. Now more than ever, plants need to be more flexible - running multiple vehicle types with different parts is common. The continual need to increase quality calls for an automated system that does not slow down production. The Inspector PI50IR vision sensor from SICK provides an ideal solution, especially for metal parts. Download the video to see how.

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