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The Creaform HandyPROBE Optical PCMM for Shop Floor Inspection

The HandyPROBE outperforms traditional portable CMMs on the shop floor. Because it is truly portable and insensitive to changes in the environment, it is highly efficient at measuring parts that can’t be moved to a granite or cast iron table.

Quality Digest Live -- August 16, 2013

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Swift-Fix CMM Modular Fixture System

The Swift-Fix modular CMM fixturing system from Hexagon Metrology offers a reusable, reconfigurable system with modular threaded baseplates that enables you to build an unlimited number of fixtures to hold parts for inspection with bridge CMMs and portable CMMs. Just build, measure, strip down, and build again. USA customers can buy online at http://www.ShopMetrology.com

Image Dimension Measurement System

Description: Learn more about the Keyence IM Series at http://www.instantmeasurement.com/YTIMV
• Drastically Reduced Measurement Time
• Eliminating Individual Differences
• Easy Setup for Wider Applications
• Easy Data Management

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