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No Small Change: Making Quality Job 1, Again
Consumer-driven Six Sigma saves Ford $300 million.
by Scott M. Paton


State of Registration Report
Our 2001 ISO 9000 Registrar Customer Satisfaction Survey, Revisited
by Dirk Dusharme


New Dimensions In 3-D Measurement
Noncontact 3-D measurement technology enters a new era.
by Ron Gershon, Ph.D., and Meny Benady, Ph.D.


Don't Wait—Automate!
Boost process efficiency and eliminate errors with the right data collection software.
by Thomas Lutz and Susan Rogers


Such Stuff as Teams Are Made On...
Tame team tempests to create a stunning synergism.
by Vanessa R. Franco


Baldrige Award Winner Profile
An interview with Jill Cook, Los Alamos National Bank's senior vice president of loans and a leader of LANB's quality council.
by Robert A. Green


2001 Consulting Guide
Need some advice? Find a consultant by using our handy guide.
by Robert A. Green, Hallie Gorman and Laurel Thoennes




Top Story
ISO Survey Shows Strong Growth in Registrations
 According to ISO, the worldwide total of ISO 9000 certificates on Dec. 31, 2000, was 408,631, an increase of nearly 65,000 over the previous calendar year. Indeed, the 64,988 increase betters all others in the survey's history except for that of 1999, when the number of registrations jumped 71,796.


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