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A Quality Manager's Guide to the Internet
A World of resources awaits the Net-savvy quality manager.
by Vanessa R. Franco


An Introduction to Enterprisewide Software
Enterprisewide software simplifies the communication of data across any boundary.
by Robert Green


Putting Calibration Data on the Web
More than just gee-whiz gadgetry, the Web has reached into even this most conservative industry niche.
by Dirk Dusharme


Tomorrow's Document Management
Forward-thinking companies are getting ahead with globally integrated, paperless documentation.
by Stanley H. Salot Jr. and Anne Downey


2001 Document Control Buyers Guide
This Quality Digest buyers guide can help you find the software to make your document control faster, cleaner and easier to audit.
by Jesse Jones



Top Story
ISO 9000's Popularity Soars
Australia, the United States, China, Germany, Japan and the United Kingdom have shown the greatest growth in ISO 9000 registrations, according to the ninth cycle of "The ISO Survey of ISO 9000 and 14000 Certificates." Total ISO 9000 registrations worldwide now number more than 343,000. Further proof of ISO 9000's rising popularity contained in the document, this year available on CD-ROM for the first time, are reports of the first registrations in Andorra, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Dominica, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Korea, Madagascar and Samoa.


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