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Introducing InsideQuality

Check out our new Web portal, devoted to quality.

As a quality professional, you face a daunting task: ensuring the quality and reliability of your organization's products and/or services. Unlike other many other professionals, your job responsibilities are often very broad in scope. Not only are you expected to be a quality "expert," but you're also expected to know about management, training, accounting, international standards, human resources and so on. Additionally, you're expected to make recommendations for purchasing a diverse range of products and services, such as training, metrology equipment, software, consulting and registration services.

 Further complicating your job is the diverse and often unconnected media providing information on all of the information, skills, products and services needed. You frequently have to read a variety of magazines, visit dozens of different Web sites, call and e-mail companies, and rifle through stacks of catalogs to find just the right supplier.

 Fortunately, Quality Digest's staff developed an easier way for you to find quality-related products, services, resources and the answers to common questions. We're proud to debut the Internet's first and only quality Web portal: InsideQuality. To sign up for your free membership, visit Once there, you'll see our:

  Career Center. This section of InsideQuality allows you to search for quality jobs, post help wanted ads and post job wanted ads.

  Ask the Experts. These topic-specific forums are moderated by some of today's leading quality thinkers. You can post questions and comments relating to a host of quality-related topics, including Six Sigma, ISO 9000:2000 and getting buy-in.

  News . InsideQuality's news is actually divided into two areas: "Today's Quality News," which features news stories specifically related to quality, and "News Feeds," which consists of news from dozens of different industries and economic sectors. More than 200 different news feeds power this section of InsideQuality.

  This Week's Poll. Here you'll find a different quality-related question each week. You can both participate in the weekly polls and view the results.

  Vendor Database. This consists of nearly 2,000 suppliers of quality products and services, which makes finding just the right supplier a snap. Vendors that want to stand out from the competition can purchase a showroom, which acts as a mini Web site within InsideQuality and allows members to view and actually purchase vendors' products online.

  Resources . This part of InsideQuality contains a wealth of quality information and tools. It contains:

  • The full text of articles from Quality Digest arranged into a variety of quality categories, such as metrology, process analysis, awards and standards certification, and customer service
  • Free, personalized e-greeting cards that you can send to friends and colleagues
  • Hundreds of links to other quality-related Web sites


  Tools . Here you'll find free online and downloadable tools, such as an online Cpk calculator, a downloadable sigma calculator and downloadable documentation tools.

  QualityInsider. You'll receive this free weekly e-mail newsletter as part of your InsideQuality membership. It contains a synopsis of the week's quality news, product spotlights and much more.


 You'll find all of this and a whole lot more on InsideQuality. We hope you find it to be your complete quality marketplace and information community.

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