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Security and Assessment Provider Improves Web Site With WebLOAD
RadView's WebLOAD

When Remington MicroShare, a Chicago-based provider of security and assessment services, wanted to enhance its Web site and improve performance under load, the company turned to RadView's WebLOAD. WebLOAD simulates Internet user behavior, predicts capability requirements and reports bottlenecks, constraints and weak links, which has saved Remington downtime, lost sales and lost customers. More...


StatSoft SPC Software Supports Semiconductor Sites
StatSoft Inc.'s STATISTICA Enterprisewide SPC System

Photronics manufactures photomasks, high-precision quartz plates that contain microscopic images of electronic circuits. To guarantee the quality of the products it manufactures, Photronics recently deployed StatSoft Inc.'s STATISTICA Enterprisewide SPC System. Photronics initially utilized SEWSS at six sites internationally, but plans to add several more sites soon. More...


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