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RadView's WebLOAD


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Security and Assessment Provider Improves Web Site With WebLOAD
RadView's WebLOAD

When Remington MicroShare, a Chicago-based provider of security and assessment services, wanted to enhance its Web site and improve performance under load, the company turned to RadView's WebLOAD. WebLOAD simulates Internet user behavior, predicts capability requirements and reports bottlenecks, constraints and weak links, which has saved Remington downtime, lost sales and lost customers.

 Remington's Web technology testing services uses WebLOAD to verify application scalability and integrity for its growing roster of e-business customers.

 "Remington MicroShare selected RadView because its WebLOAD solution combines scalability and integrity testing into a single, standards-based process to ensure that our clients' Web applications perform correctly under realistic production conditions," says Terry Kurzynski, vice president of marketing and business development for Remington MicroShare.

 WebLOAD seamlessly integrates performance data from Microsoft Windows, Linux and UNIX operating systems, allowing users to integrate and correlate performance and system information data for a comprehensive picture of their Web applications. Data drilling enables users to view transaction successes and failures and verify the functional integrity of Web applications at the per-client and per-transaction levels.

 The WebLOAD Internet Productivity Pack enables native testing of nonHTTP protocols at a JavaScript level. IPP quickly builds flexible multiprotocol tests within a single virtual user for rapid test-script development and deployment.

 With WebLOAD, organizations can begin testing early in the development process and use the same scripts and tools right through deployment and production. The WebLOAD console includes more than 100 real-time graphical and statistical results of test sessions.

 Since its implementation, WebLOAD has helped provide Remington powerful performance, testing and analysis capabilities, faster resolution and accelerated e-business success for its customers.

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