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The Next Big Thing

I'm regularly asked by quality practitioners and others interested in the subject, "What's going to be the next big thing?" They are referring to the quality program just over the horizon that will make quality happen for them. They've been through quality circles, redeployment, ISO 9000, Six Sigma, TQM, Baldrige and a dozen others.

 I tell them the next big thing is the same as has been working for 40 years: changing the culture of the organization from detection and correction to prevention. I have taught it, written about it and done it for all these years. And many people have picked it up and found success in their organization; I hear from them every day. But it's not some package that's inserted into the company and produces magic. It's the result of hard work and perseverance. But it does produce results and managerial gratitude.

 Throughout my career, I was always the youngest employee in my department due to my belief in prevention. I was continually promoted. My timeline from assembly line worker to officer of a large corporation spanned only 13 years. I got results, and I have always shared the specifics of how to get results like mine.

 I recently wrote four booklets on different subjects, published by PCAII. "Being the Quality Culture Executive" illustrates how to turn a company around without even asking permission. It's the one you need if you want to work on organizational culture. "Creating the Reliable Organization" is very helpful along this line, too. "Zero Defects--Myth and Reality" answers questions and offers case histories. "The Circle of Doing Something about Quality" provides some historical background and explains why the accepted practices of quality don't accomplish much.

 You can get them all on our Web site for a total of $25--A small price for making you rich.


About the author

 Philip B. Crosby, a popular speaker and the founder of Philip Crosby Associates--now PCA II--is also the author of several books, including Quality and Me: Lessons from an Evolving Life (Jossey-Bass, 1999). To order a number of products, visit his Web site at www.philipcrosby.com or call (800) 223-3932. .

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