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2000 Consulting
Buyers Guide

by Jesse Jones and Laurel Thoennes

It's certainly admirable when progress toward a goal is made independently, but there's also something to be said for recognizing when someone else's knowledge could bring goals within reach faster, easier and with less hassle. For many companies, that someone is a consultant.

 Because there are so many consultants offering a wide variety of services in countless disciplines, finding a consultant poses little difficulty. However, choosing the one who best fits your company's specific needs can be more problematic. Consulting trends come and go, so it's vital to be as well-informed as possible when it comes time to select the person to help guide your company to greater success.

 Quality Digest attempts to ease the burden of this selection process with our 2000 Consulting Buyers Guide, which gives you a look at what's available in your company's areas of interest. You can download this guide by clicking here (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader).

We compiled this list by faxing consulting organizations in the United States and Canada; this guide gives details about those consultants who responded to our requests for information about their organizations.

 Listed alphabetically by company name, the guide is organized as a matrix of consultants referenced to the specific areas of quality management in which they provide guidance. If your favorite consultant doesn't appear in this year's guide, we apologize: Most consultants were contacted numerous times, but we've only listed those that responded to our requests for information.

 As with all Quality Digest buyers guides, the 2000 Consulting Buyers Guide is intended to provide our readers with an impartial listing of quality-related companies and services. The companies listed in this directory have been neither evaluated nor endorsed by Quality Digest.


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