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ISO 9000 Consultants Guide

by Jesse Jones & Laurel Thoennes


Welcome to Quality Digest's 2001 ISO 9000 Consultants Guide. In this special section, you'll find both a matrix and a directory of nearly 170 consultants specializing in quality systems requirements and standards, including ISO 9000, ISO 14000, CE marking, AS9000, QS-9000, QS-9000's Tooling and Equipment Supplement, and TL 9000.

You may download the matrix part of this guide by clicking here. Download the directory by clicking here. The guide is in pdf format and requires Adobe Acrobat 4.0 or greater.

 We asked the consultants to list the standards for which they offer services, the three main industries in which they consult, the geographic regions primarily served and whether they guarantee registration. For the purposes of this guide, "guaranteed registration" means that if a client fails the initial audit, the consultant will continue to provide extra support (within reason) at no charge until the client passes an audit.

 The ISO 9000 Consultants Guide, as with all Quality Digest guides, is in no way meant to promote any one organization over another. In compiling this guide, we contacted hundreds of consultants by fax--if your favorite consulting firm isn't listed, it's because it didn't respond to our faxes or we didn't know about the company. The guide is designed to provide you with a starting point in your research; we encourage you to contact more than one consultant directly to determine which would best meet your company's particular needs.

 We appreciate any feedback you might have on our guides. If you have a suggestion for how we can improve this guide next year, e-mail it to .


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