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Transition Planning for ISO 9001:2000
Use these transition-planning fundamentals to help get your quality management system up to speed on the standard's latest revision.
by Jeanne Ketola and Kathy Roberts


Six Myths of the Hardness Testing Standard
Complying with the latest version of the ASTM E18 revision won't be as difficult--or expensive--as you may have heard.
by Douglas McGhee


E-Documenting for Better Control
An electronic document control system is an excellent way to manage change and ease collaboration.
by Roger Crist


Two Hidden Gems of Continual Improvement
With a pair of basic actions, you can lead your organization to true long-term improvement.
by Craig Cochran


2001 Quality Awards Directory
Put your organziation to the test by applygin for a national or state quality award.
by Jesse Jones and Laurel Thoennes


2001 Registrar Buyers Guide
Use Quality Digest's buyers guide to find the registrar with the right scope and experience for your organization's registration efforts.
by Jesse Jones and Laurel Thoennes



Top Story
IQF Begins Certifying Six Sigma Black Belts
The International Quality Federation (IQF) has begun beta testing its Six Sigma Black Belt certification system. Boeing Satellite Systems of El Segundo, California, and the University of Arizona's Partnership for Six Sigma are working with the IQF to validate the examination and the certification process.


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