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2001 ISO 9000 Software Guide

by Jesse Jones & Laurel Thoennes

Although computers misbehave often enough to give us adequate reason to roll our eyes at the claim that these technological wonders help lift the burden of our workloads and save countless hours, perhaps nowhere does software seem more a gift from the efficiency gods than when it can be used to successfully organize a complicated, heavily detail-oriented, documentation-intensive process. Managing an ISO 9000-compliant quality management system definitely falls into that category, and, fortunately, software manufacturers have developed a wide assortment of packages to meet most every ISO 9000 need.

 In the directory that follows (download by clicking here), you'll find more than 265 software products designed to assist users in implementing and documenting ISO 9000 requirements. Software types range from products specifically designed to meet these demands, including data control and corrective and preventive actions, to more broad-based titles that cover areas important to any quality system, such as statistical process control and failure analysis.

 The directory includes company names, telephone numbers, Web addresses and company's relevant software products. If you have questions about a product's capabilities or suitability to your company's approach to ISO 9000, contact the software manufacturers directly and describe your needs to a member of the sales department. Chances are good that many of the products listed here offer more features and flexibility than their titles may indicate.

 If you have any comments or criticisms about this guide, please e-mail your feedback to .

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