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Theodore Kinni

What the CEO Wants You to Know
by Ram Charan

(Crown Publishing, $17.95)

Sales consultant Bedell offers salespeople a simple, accessible primer for selling themselves and their wares. His three steps: fulfill the personal needs of others, be credible and communicate persuasively. He backs the three principles with 21 Gentle Persuasion Habits, which cover everything from personal appearance to needs assessment.


In Good Company
by Don Cohen and Laurence Prusak
(Harvard Business School Press, $27.50)

Social capital--the connections between the people working within a company--is what turns a group of individuals into a winning team, say the authors of this seminal read. They identify and explore the main elements of social capital (trust, networks, social space and time, and talk and storytelling) as well as its two greatest challenges in today's organizations: volatility and virtuality.


The Purchasing Machine
by Dave Nelson, Patricia E. Moody and Jonathan Stegner
(Free Press, $40)

The authors deliver an overview of world-class purchasing aimed at procurement professionals. They identify 20 best practices and explore the strategies and techniques of 10 companies, ranging from American Express to Whirlpool, that are known for their purchasing prowess.


The Project Management Workshop
by James Taylor
(AMACOM, $39.95)

Project management professional Taylor creates a six-module session designed for a two-day introduction to project management. After the opening modules, the course follows a typical project life cycle (selection, concept, development, implementation and closeout) and includes reproducible handouts and the text for a slide program.


The Passion Plan at Work
by Richard Y. Chang
(Jossey-Bass, $24.95)

In his latest book, consultant Chang adapts his seven-step "passion plan," which was first introduced as a self-improvement program for individuals, for use in organizations. He shows how to use passion to create purpose and improve performance and illustrates the journey with a dozen corporate examples, including Ben & Jerry's, Gateway and the Disney Institute.



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