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Quick Vision ISOxPERT FedCheck SQCpack

Quick Vision Improves Inspection Method
Mitutoyo Quick Vision Measuring Machine

Work faster, work smarter: That's what Emtech, a Minnesota-based electronics component manufacturer, did for its inspection operation. To measure more than 50 different machined and injection-molded electronics components, Emtech switched from semiautomatic contact measuring to the Quick Vision (QV) Measuring Machine from Mitutoyo America Corp. based in Aurora, Illinois. By implementing the automated vision measuring machine, Emtech improved its inspection throughput by a 10-to-1 ratio. More...


Software Aids ISO 9000 Certification
Management Software International ISOxPERT

ABB Flexible Automation is a leading supplier of robot products and systems, paint application systems, and customer services used in a wide range of industrial and automotive applications.

 Using ISOxPERT software, ABB Flexible Automation achieved ISO 9000 certification faster than management ever thought possible. ABB chose MSI software because the company was confident that the software would provide a fast and easy solution to every component of the process, not just isolated pieces.More...

Smart Gaging Choices Increase Production Efficiency
Mahr Federal FedCheck Gaging Computer and Software

An intelligent shop floor quality-inspection strategy is helping Haldex Barnes Corp. manufacture hydraulic gear pumps accurately and efficiently at its Rockford, Illinois, facility. Using Mahr Federal Inc.'s FedCheck Gaging Computer and Software with special bench fixtures, Haldex is able to monitor and maintain the quality of three different parts concurrently at a single shop floor gaging station. More...

Ben & Jerry's Charts Success with SPC Software
PQ Systems SQCpack for Windows

How do you apply quality improvement techniques such as statistical process control to a product already known for its high quality?

 That's the question posed to Ben & Jerry's, the ice cream company known for its superpremium quality, quirky flavors and nontraditional management style.

 The Vermont ice cream maker uses PQ Systems' SQCpack for Windows in its three plants, located in St. Albans, Springfield and Waterbury, Vermont. To assure uniform high quality, teams collect and analyze data related to everything from the amount of air in the product to the number of shortbread wafers in its Cool Britannia ice cream. More...

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