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Quality Digest is proud to present leaders in quality management, each a noted author or lecturer. Each month they share their expertise and perspectives in what's new for today's quality-minded person.

H. James Harrington
is a principal at Ernst & Young and serves as its international quality advisor.


E-mail him at

Philip B. Crosby
a popular speaker and founder of Philip Crosby Associates -- now PCA II -- is also the author of several books, including Quality Is Still Free (McGraw-Hill, 1995) and The Absolutes of Leadership (Jossey-Bass, 1996).

Visit his Web site at .

Pat Townsend
Joan Gebhardt

have written more than 200 articles and four books: Commit to Quality (John Wiley & Sons, 1986); Quality in Action: 93 Lessons in Leadership, Participation, and Measurement (John Wiley & Sons, 1992); Five-Star Leadership: The Art and Strategy of Creating Leaders at Every Level (John Wiley & Sons, 1997); and Recognition, Gratitude & Celebration (Crisp Publications, 1997).

Thomas Pyzdek
is the author of "The End of Management" and more than a dozen other popular books on ASQ certification and other quality-related subjects. He provides consulting services to senior management in industries ranging from manufacturing to health care.

A. Blanton Godfrey
is chairman and CEO of Juran Institute Inc. at 11 River Road, Wilton, CT 06897.


Gregory P. Ferguson
is quality manager of Parker Hannifin's Tucson facility. He has published technical articles and assisted in the publication of two books.


Stanley A. Marash, Ph.D.
is chairman and CEO of STAT-A-MATRIX/The SAM Group. He can be reached at telephone (732) 548-0600.



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