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CMMs Help Ensure Perfect Jet Engine Parts
LK Metrology Systems CMMs

Engineers at United Airlines' Maintenance Operations Center in San Francisco know that just as the quality of the jet engine parts they assemble is crucial, so are the devices used for measuring and inspecting these parts. As such, the company invested in LK Metrology Systems Inc.'s coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) to ensure that the design, maintenance and assembly of engine components are consistent and meet specifications and that no imperfect parts are used in the construction of the engines. More...



DOE Software Refines Processes at Pharmaceuticals Lab
SAS JMP Statistical Discovery Software

It's not uncommon for established laboratories to begin relying on the same old methods for tests and development proc-esses, which is exactly what chemists at Sepracor Canada Ltd. of Windsor, Nova Scotia, wanted to avoid. Sepracor Canada manufactures bulk active pharmaceutical ingredients for commercial purposes or use in clinical trials. When a new drug compound went into development, the lab adopted SAS Institute's JMP Statistical Discovery Software for design of experiments (DOE) to break away from the usual approaches. More...


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