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ISOxPERT Quality Management System Software 6.0


  • Multisite capable
  • Customizable templates
  • Can store all electronic file types
  • Easy-to-use Lotus Domino technology

Software Aids ISO 9000 Certification

ABB Flexible Automation is a leading supplier of robot products and systems, paint application systems, and customer services used in a wide range of industrial and automotive applications.

 Using ISOxPERT software, ABB Flexible Automation achieved ISO 9000 certification faster than management ever thought possible. ABB chose MSI software because the company was confident that the software would provide a fast and easy solution to every component of the process, not just isolated pieces.

 "What I like about the ISOxPERT software is that it provided me with a template of Lotus Notes databases that I could install on our company server to make quality documentation available to everyone," explains Peter Carlsson, director of advanced technical support at ABB Flexible Automation. "We have been using Notes extensively, so for us, this just became one more set of new databases."

 The complexities of working toward ISO certification can be confusing. By   using ISOxPERT, documents flow electronically between users, increasing interpersonal communication. This eliminates stacks of papers that can get lost or misplaced.

 The databases and programming features within ISOxPERT are all highly customizable. The system enables ABB to customize the software to meet its specific needs, eliminating the need for outside consultants and reducing the total cost of ownership.

 "We set up our own forms to track the management reviews," Carlsson explains. "We even have the minutes of our meetings in there, and a link to measurements we use. Those were not in the original software. I call them template databases. We acquired a set of templates to get us started, then we modified them."

 ISOxPERT gives quality managers a fundamental approach to achieve rapid ISO 9000 compliance, and moves beyond compliance to solve a company's total quality management effort. The program addresses problems such as document and version control, corrective actions, quality audits, customer complaints, and multisite communications.

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