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TestMaster Renscan 200 PRISMO VAST

Automation System Reduces Standard Deviations, Operator Involvement
Instron Corp.'s TestMaster Automation System

When Reichhold Inc., a supplier of unsaturated polyester resins and synthetic materials for the thermoset composites industry, needed to keep up with the greatly increased number of requests for physical testing, the company turned to Instron Corp. to help meet the demand..More...



Race Car Engineers Choose Renscan 200
Renishaw Inc.'s Renscan 200 On-Machine Scanning System

Joe Gibbs' race car engineers were looking for a reverse engineering system to duplicate and machine cylinder head ports for the team's Winston Cup cars. After considering several options, they selected Renishaw's Renscan 200 on-machine scanning system.. More...


Machining Business Selects PRISMO VAST CMM
Carl Zeiss IMT Corp.'s PRISMO VAST CMM

F&G Tool and Die designs, builds and runs tools and dies for the automotive, medical device and electronics industries. When the company wanted to increase measurement accuracy and reliability, it chose the PRISMO VAST CMM from Carl Zeiss IMT Corp. "We purchased the PRISMO VAST based on its accuracy and reputation," explains Kevin Hauck, quality manager for F&G..More...


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